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People of S-curve world…
It’s a #TBT… So let’s re-remind you.
Today… We’re an S-curve Xperience. A niche platform that enables/facilitates/ promotes a certain way of living life.
– Become S-curvish
– For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
– Improved daily lifestyle
– Take Travel-curvish 2.0/’Air time’ trips
And as time goes on. We regularly communicate with YOU.
And throughout that ‘communication’. We end up creating solutions for you.
Today… We’re going to look into our most recent solutions that help solve your problems. Especially the problems that you’re facing, as we continue to move ahead in this ‘new normal’ world.
Where sh*t has changed in the world.
And the vibe is indeed ‘differen’t.
– You feel it when you go outside.
– You feel when you talk to strangers AND your own people.
It’s happening… Because there is currently no direction. No clear path to aim towards.
We’ve already highlighted the things that changed within S-curve world.
But for the most part… It’s been no different, than what we do with your ‘Survive and Thrive’ programplans.
Where we shift around the things you’re already doing, so that ‘life’ works better for you.
Anyway… S-curve world solutions for YOU!
Problem = It’s hard to balance work, home workouts and home life… At the same time.

Enter: The Survive and Thrive Program

That is 100% what needs to happen… Consistently, in this ‘new normal’ world we have entered. Where we are all working out, working and living at home more.
Many have found that to be a tough balance.
And over the past few months… We have been practicing the formula that helps you balance all 3.  And to survive and thrive with it all.
All of the above… Has been discussed in these posts…
For those of you who would consider starting. We already know that you absolutely want to buy into things… That truly make sense for YOU.
Because we’re living in a time… Where everyone has reverted back to the things in their lives, that are truly important to them. Like family.
It’s a 1-3 month program.
We have a long history of putting people through 3-6-12 month programs.
And for all of those people. They almost always started after…
– Having a lot of 121 conversations with us.
– Being well investing in the S-curve Xperience eco-system.
So this program is for those of you who follow along on the various platforms where we have a presence.
Because of the above… We now have a > 7 day free trial in place.
Because the program only truly works… When we connect on a personal level.
Remember… You start, to solve the above problems. And they WILL be solved!
Problem = Struggling with getting motivated

Enter: Travel-curvish 2.0 and 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips

A lot of people are mentally paralysed right now.
Just… So many people. Even if they don’t want to admit it.
I 100% know this for sure. Because I talk to a lot of people…
– Globally
– Locally
– Online and in-person
I always highlight the 2008 financial crash. As was born out of it.
So for me… The events of 2020 haven’t affected ME much.
One aspect of this 2020 ‘crash’. Is the fact that everyone needs to stay at home more often. Even as the world is currently re-opening.
It’s become the ‘new normal’.
This way of living KILLS motivation levels. And it is certainly more difficult to get motivated (For almost anything), when staying at home.
It’s summer now. And…
– More flights are becoming available
– Lockdowns are easing up
– Businesses are opening back up
And as you can see from these recent videos…
Travel-curvish 2.0 and 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips are on the rise again.
A huge relief!
Because those trips are the best motivators within S-curve world.
Videos get posted daily. And they ALWAYS instigate happy/positive responses from those who are following along.
Like this message from Camila…
After watching this video from the Facebook stories…
So if you’re struggling to find motivation… In any capacity. Make sure you…
– Subscribe to the Youtube channel
– Follow the Facebook stories
Problem = We all need to hear REAL stories of how people are surviving and thriving in what has been… A challenging 2020.

Enter: The Survive and Thrive podcast

First highlighted in this post…
And it’s very early days.
I decided to announce it… To shine a light on all of the conversations that I’m having with people behind the scenes.
Namely people, who run small businesses or manage various assets.
These people are mostly silent… When talking on these topics publicly.
But YOU need to hear some of the things being talked about. Because chances are… You’ll relate to a lot of what’s being said.
And even for me…
I’m constantly on the look out, for the things people are actually going through.
To find stories… Where people put ‘pride’ away. Being vulnerable.
Like us…
Here… I’m always showing you where we have been, where we currently are and where we are going next.
And so… I’ll gradually publish these podcasts over time.
If YOU feel that you have some interesting things to say about surviving and thriving in 2020. Send a DM about being featured.
You can learn more about it in this post…

The S-curve Partner Program

S-curve Partner Program

It’s been unofficially in circulation for years. And has organically become an official ‘thing’ over time. Especially in the past 12 months.
A program gives you…
– More time
– More money
– More freedom
– More security
– More opportunity
– More of the ‘right’ connections
A program that is a solution for many different problems.
You won’t get through all of that post in one sitting.
So let’s recap the main elements of its existence…
– Gain 10-15-20% of a new audience… The right audience (Super important)!
This is something I’m personally thinking about the most right now.
Because it’s very easy waste time with the wrong people. Online or offline.
We’re very selective, on the individuals and businesses that we decide to partner with.
This post…
And focusing on the ‘best’… Helps ensure that you get the ‘best’ right people, entering your circle.
This will lead to…
– Quality followers
– More sales from good buyers (People who absolutely want what you have to offer)
– More time on your hands
– Figure out what works… Faster… From sharing the minds of many other individuals/businesses
Again… Very important. Especially in 2020. Where life is indeed ‘different’.
A lot of things that used to ‘work’ in the world… No longer do.
Not everything of course. But a lot of people are figuring out new ways to ‘operate’.
Being a part of a strong collective, will speed up your knowledge base in this arena.
It’s something I’m personally focusing on right now too.
– Discover new interesting products and services 
This applies to everyone…
– Buyers
– Sellers
– Consumers
If you’re human. You are all of those things. 
Being exposed to great products and services… Truly does make life more awesome for all… Within the S-curve Xperience.
‘People’ operate behind those products/services. So you get to connect with them too.

To conclude

These newsletters…
The topics that appear here… Are based on the conversations that happen behind the scenes.
It’s always been that way.
That ensures that what you see here… Is always relative to you in some way.

So as usual… Send a DM and let us know what’s going on with you today.


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