You Need To Lose Fat First To Build Muscle!

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I have been having a lot of conversations with many of you around the Stay-Fit Bug community in recent weeks and I have found out some cool things for sure.

I have been told that…

#1 The site is very usable, organized and information is easy to find ( Yet I’m still planning to keep on improving it).

#2 The information is easy to understand and not too technical (Especially for noobs a/k/a newbies – A readers words, not mine).

#3 The site kicks their ass (Good, it’s supposed to! Train insane anyone?).

#4 That many of you have annoying layers of fat around your body that you can’t seem to shift and is hampering your efforts to build that million dollar image.

Million Dollar Body Male/ Female

I’ve been told that quite often, fitness articles are too technical and have been written by a complete bofin (Nerd that doesn’t understand real people). So I’m happy that Stay-Fit Bugs ‘day one’ goal has come across well since inception.

That is…

No B.S in your face information that makes sense to everyday people.

Another thing I found is that many of you don’t have a high metabolism and that losing that extra layer of fat around your waist, lower abs, chest or thighs is a common goal for many of you, even though you aren’t fat per se. You just want the complete million dollar look (As pictured above), and so you should.

Now, if you are reading then there is a good chance that you may have read the Build A 6 Pac: From Flab To Flat ebook which contained the information that shows you what you need to do if your goal is to lose fat or to build muscle, regardless of your body type ( Turn to page 7). But you can’t do both at the same time.


Because what you are actually asking your body to do is break down fat and build muscle at the same time, which just confuses the hell out of it. You see, to lose fat you need to restrict your calories or expend more than needed for you to stay at your current weight, but that also means there are no calories for your body to use to build muscle. So no go. It’s do one or the other.

Note: The key here NOT to lose so much weight that causes you to fail at building lean muscle.

The goal here is fat loss and all of you facing the above scenario will obviously be at different stages in your progression. The ebook may have given you some key pointers, such as the ’12 great foods for abs’ , the exercises involved with that and how to go about structuring your workouts based on your body type. But I think you may need a more comprehensive guide than that to reach your ultimate goal. Or at least a guide you can refer to against what you’re currently doing. That’s why I’m introducing you to Justin Goff & Vic Magary’s (from 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.

===> Click Here!

After reading this guide, it simply made sense to pass this information on to you, especially after the recent things I have found out about you.

Now, you WILL get the body that you desire, because you are a bonafide Stayfitbugger! And you know what it means to train insane! But if you are still struggling, even after the things I have taught you, then you need to check out the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.

===> Click Here!

Once you do succeed, make sure you jump back on the Stay-Fit Bug train to ‘build muscle’, because that is where the real fun begins… right?

Of course it is!

See you in the comments.

P.S Ways to have workout fun is coming this week, so keep your eyes peel.

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