Where the S-curvish gamer girl goes to ‘play’ (Part 2)

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Now let’s talk on the arcade experience. Which is a little different than the casino experience. Which was the focus of the previous post.
Because going to the arcades, is just taking the indoor gaming experience, outdoors.
Which is a different ‘thrill’, compared to being at a casino.
Even I’ve embraced this in recent times. Most notably… In 2019. When I ended up in Versus Barcade. Which is a retro arcade/bar, in the heart of BGC… The higher-end part Manila, in the Philippines.
Again… It’s all ‘Air time’ shenanigans.
For me… the 1-2 hour breaks, when living/working in the city.

‘Air time’ is all about breaking away from…

– People

– Work

– Negative energy

So that you can get real clarity. Getting your thoughts together. The right thoughts. So that you make the right/Better descisions.

Play games outside of the environment you work in. Will allow your brain to naturally drift into that realm.

Often times… Your best thoughts will come to you… Mid-game. Where you’ll find yourself pausing. And noting down your new thoughts into the notepad on your phone.

Also… Playing games… Is you, embracing a different industry than the one you work in. 

Which means you can pull ideas (That are working well) from that industry. To then embrace into your own.

Which will give you a one-up, against the people you’re competing with, professionally.

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