Where, how and what… Spending and earning in S-curve world in 2019

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It’s time to dig into another topic, that has been long over due for an EPIC-ish explanation.

And that is… Exactly as the title says…

Where how and what… Spending and earning in S-curve world
So let’s get into it.
Now… If you are here and present in S-curve world. Or are on your way to being involved. Understand we are an ‘Xperience’.
Meaning… That your life should feel improved. Simply from being present here. And that… Is FREE!
And what causes that ‘improvement’?
– The newsletters/blog posts
– These videos
– The social media mini blog posts (Several times a day)
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2⃣3⃣ Just… Parts 2 & 3 of the S-curve Xperience.

❌📆 And we don’t do #TBT’s or #FBF’s on ‘ere (Unless it’s our personal shit, mostly via the Shaun Sinclair FB profile).

🔄 Because every week, looks like some variation of ALL that you see here @ all 4 parts of the Xperience.

🎾 Anyway… Latest newsletter is up. And you NEED to catch them as they arrive.

❓🎬 As they highlight what goes on, offline and behind the scenes LIVE and in the moment.

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If that doesn’t start to improve your life in some way, shape or form. Then there is no reason for you to be here. Because all of the above, is the first part of the S-curve formula. And it needs to remain free… Because of the ‘try before you buy’ factor.
Where is the ‘money’ then?
Well… Let’s talk about…

Spending money (In S-curve world)

Any money that you do spend here. should be on items or services that you encounter, during these 4 parts of the Xperience

#1 Becoming S-curvish

The main S-curve program
People don’t usually buy from that page though. They’ll usually strike up a 121 chat, where we create tailored payment links/pages.
With > 60% S-curvish being the goal for most (Which we started 3 years ago… After listening to everyone who became S-curve members).
You can learn how to achieve that goal for free, by reading the posts in the archives.
The reason why you would pay to become so =
– Lack of free time to learn and plan
– No self motivation
– Low confidence/self belief
– You know you need a coach
– Because everything you’ve tried before has failed (A common issue). And/Or to help speed up the process (Which is highly recommended… So that you can quickly start enjoying parts 2-4 of the Xperience)
Food and supplements
'Soft lean' #swimsuit-curvish moments @megkylie
‘Soft lean’ #swimsuit-curvish moments @megkylie
Which is the 2nd most popular area within S-curve world, after Travel-curvish 2.0.
It has become so… Because people have eventually started to learn that…
– Food and supplements feed the results, that S-curve workouts trigger.
– It’s what will remain a constant in your life… Long after your initial > 1-3 months of reaching (At least) 60% S-curvish (Pic above).
> This page is ALL  you’ll ever need, for the foreseeable future. Just follow what that page says, in regards to buying food and supplements.

#2 For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire

WE ‘currently’ don’t have much to offer in this department. Other than what you see here…
Forever epic
Forever epic
But our > associates and S-curve member partners do. And their sh*t (Via apparel/boutiques) does look awesome. They wouldn’t be associates/partners if it didn’t.
But this is the first step of improving your day to day life shenanigans.
That is… Looking and feeling great, in all the garments that you wear, regardless of the occasion.
If you’ve followed along on social media… You’ll know, that = 
‘Because fashion is a ‘thing’
So yes… It’s our job to direct you to garments that will compliment your new S-curvish physique.

#3 Improved daily lifestyle

This is where people spend most of their time, on any given week.
– At home
– At work
– Out at night
So yes… The S-curve Xperience lifesyle, as you see it on social media. Is a great one. Especially when lived to the > max.
But the area where we MUST make you feel/look good. Is right here in part 3 of the Xperience.
And where/what to spend money on, via S-curve world?
– Our Amazon items page
This supplement
For now.

#4 Travel-curvish 2.0

> This page explains what that is, in detail.
And you’ll see a lot of that, repeated via our daily social media posts, every week.
At present… The only real place to spend money here. Is via Our Amazon pages
> An official S-curve Xperience ‘items list’ update page 
> The protocol
This will likely evolve over time. So keep any eye on these > newsletters.

Earning money in S-curve world

We’ve been around for 10 years. And it was around year 7, where this started to become a ‘thing’.
Mostly due to lifestyle that I myself started to live and show, via social media…
So people wanted to learn how they could live a similar lifestyle.
It has been spoken about in detail, via > this post. But for the sake of this section. Let’s give you a short break down.
The S-curve member partner program (Part 1)
Where other people become S-curve members via your recommendation. Usually after they witness the positive changes in YOU, after becoming a member.
You’ll of course earn a commission from their membership. With the goal to collectively spend some of those earnings, with those new S-curve members. Via…
– ‘Come up for air’ activities
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
That’s how we keep the S-curve Xperience ‘real’, because of real xperiences/memories being created.
It’s how we build a collectively strong bond, of people who share similar interests.
The S-curve member partner program (Part 2)
You might not need to Become S-curvish. And may only be interested in the lifestyle…
– Work/Earn from anywhere
– More free time
– Work that you enjoy
Two types people come to mind here:
– Those who recently Became S-curvish/Already are
– People who own/Just started a small business
In both cases… We will use our platforms/channels. To promote your social media accounts for free.
You’ll naturally encourage people to get involved with your own business.
But you can also encourage (You’ll probably do it naturally anyway) people to start the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ program… In addition to that. Since it has become a strong part of your current day life.
The following tools can help…
Mobile monkey
For your OWN partner program, in your business
Which is what we also use in S-curve world.
Crypto currency and trading
December 2018…
Every year, I make predictions of what the following year may look like. And I did say that this industry was going to rise up.
Fast forward to April 2019. And that’s what happened… In regards to investing in cryptocurrency. As the December 2018 price multiplied itself 3-4 times over within 3 months.
The industry as a whole will continue to evolve and grow. And just like the internet did for every single industry in existence… The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is likely affect the industries that WE are involved in, here in S-curve world @…
– Fitness
– Health
– Travel
– Fashion
The blockchain stuff may take sometime. But in regards to earning via investing and trading…
THAT… Can start/continue today. By signing up on the following two websites.

> Binance

> Coinbase

I’m personally involved with this on a daily basis. So I can be a ‘real life’ guiding light for you, in this area.
The next 8 months are looking quite historic. So if you didn’t take action in December 2018. You have a chance ‘today’, to not miss out.
Oh… And follow my own FB stories. I’m always throwing out tips that help with all of the above.

To conclude

That covers everything. All of the above will evolve over time. And I’m very excited to see how so.
As usual… Send a message via the blue button on this page. Or leave a comment below, if you have something to say.

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