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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s been a truly global ‘connecting’ kinda week here.

– S-curve member podcast preparation in California.

– Stumbling into ‘now’ Fitbuzzers who I met earlier in the year… In Singapore.

– And various social media chats

So in usual fashion… Let’s dig into some of the stuff that came up in conversations…

What… That’s it?

When people meet me… Instagram @fitbuzz is the first thing they see.

And as you know… It really is just the surface. The really important stuff is found, once you enter the newsletter.

And when they actually see what the S-curve formula consists of…

They’re always shocked. They think things are going to be a lot more complicated.


– No big gym operation is needed
– No fancy kitchen set up is needed
– Just a tablet, phone or laptop is needed
– Facebook Messenger for daily coaching and chats
– Mobile wifi device when living the rest of the S-curve experience @ this…

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what job you have. That’s what it looks like for everyone.

It’s life… Simplified.

You save a ton of time. Achieve high level results. And can live awesomely.

So this week… As with every other week. I end up sitting with at least one person, to talk more on it.

Which is definitely less workout/nutrition talk. And that meeting itself… Is an S-curve experienceshenanigan.

Which happened today with someone too.

So be ready to ’embrace’. And if you’ve fallen out of ‘fitness’. Then good… Because restarting today, is definitely more about the experience as a whole.

The best version of you

– The Instagram posts @ associates/peers

– The S-curve member stories/progress album (FB)/Hall of fame

Most people are left feeling inspired @ seeing the first.

And most folks bookmark the pages on the 2nd.

But one thing I usually end up explaining… Is that argument, against becoming 90-100% S-curvish.

You don’t have to reach the levels that some ladies have reached @ body parts.

And in some cases, you never will. The same way I’ll never look like a bodybuildier, living this current lifestyle

we’re in @ S-curve world.

What you will do… Is look like the best version of YOU.

This topic has come up several times now, so ya… I’ll be highlighting this every other week.

Which relates to what I said a few days ago…

Do one effective exercise, everyday, that hit’s your worst struggling body part.

Anyway… It’s Friday. We tend to go less info heavy today. So I’ll be reporting back tomorrow. Be ready!

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