What S-curve Xperience items are YOU using?

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Standing OOTD-curvishly @fefurlan
Standing OOTD-curvishly @fefurlan
And so… The S-curve Xperience is deep into flight mode ‘today’. Meaning… That it’s no longer just about workouts, nutrition and S-curvish body shaping. And 100% about living an awesome lifestyle…
> In a (At least) 60% S-curvish body
> Taking awesome TC2.0 trips
> Earning an income remotely
Just dig into the recent archives for some deeper learning.
But within that.. There’s a lot of items that we use, to enhance the Xperience.
Specific stand out items that stay at the forefront of your mind. And become protocol, like the power bank.
And we’ve been slowly adding these to the Amazon/update pages @ take a look.
But today… We want to know what kind of things YOU have been using yourself.
It could be anything. Because we want you to share that with us. So that everyone can benefit from everyones shared items.
So just reply to these messages or in the comments below. And tell us what awesome stuff you’re currently using.

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