What if you was a man (Or vice versa if you are a ‘man’)

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

You know… Being a person that is very active in ‘fitness’, by default. Due to job title (Current head FitBuzzer to you all)…I get to see, when even the most active people fall off the wagon. Usually due to ‘busyness’ or other ‘life’ issues.

My daily schedule IS the S-curve formula.

And because of that… Almost every day, looks near perfect. Not so much for the physical side of things. But more so, that I can function effectively, every single day, mentally.

That’s mostly the reason why I’ve remained as the main person to take care of you, in the 121 coaching chats. Because I’ve seen every little aspect of it.

And it’s because of what I’ve seen… Which has lead to us using the > Pay as you go.

It coincides with the way that we live within the S-curve experience too.

This past weekend for example…

You might have been on a very active Results Phase up until May 24th.

But if you’re just returning from the long weekend. Then you’re not likely to return to those high activity levels any time soon.

So you’ll be entering a Lifestyle Phase. Which is less intense.

It’s all about creating the right vibe ‘long term’. That’s how you never fall off. So 2018 is all about fixing the ‘vibe’. Which has already started to happen.

What if you was a man (Or vice versa if you are a ‘man’)?

Well… I’m active everyday. And the city/area that I’m living in… Has me bumping into a lot of new people and a lot of neighbours, every single day.

On one of those days… There was a new guy in the gym, with his group of friends.

He has a good natural shape and muscle mass. But his problem is his core @ high body fat. Using the S-curve formula… It’ll take him 12-18 months to totally fix it.

And he pretty much rushed over to me to ask questions, the moment I walked in (He’s one of those out going types of people).

I of course gave him a quick solution.

But I know too well… That it would take a structured approach to fix him. Since his mental game and current day lifestyle is broken.

The reason I highlighted this situation from last Monday. Is because the S-curve formula actually

works for both sexes.

The only real difference, is in the way that men and women workout. The workouts that men do, will indeed be a lot more aggressive.

In fact… We have some of the returning ‘men’ followers using the S-curve meal structure rules too. > Look.

So ya… Things in S-curve world have started to change a little, with this ‘current day’ expanded audience.

So if you have a partner/BF/husband… Then it might be a good idea to get them involved, if you know they need the fix, along with yourself.

The chats… Go there. Because I’m there.


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