4 Gauge Pre-workout is the supplement that we’re trying out (Part 1)

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4 Gauge


You know… Every now and again, we experiment with new supplements. It’s actually what we do when it comes to eating S-curvishly @ this…

And one part of it was embracing the later stages of eating S-curvishly… When you start taking the A-F food rating system to restaurants.

#1 You learn the S-curve meal structure and rating foods from A-F when > shopping for food.

#2 The real fun kicks in, when you start eating out at restaurants around the world, look at each food source and rate it. As well as the taste.

So why not try it with new supplements.

Almost everything in life evolves with time. So it’s certainly going to happen in the supplement arena.

So right now… We’re going to testing messing around with this 4 Gauge supplement, using all the S-curve tips and tricks that we use with all other foods.

We’ll be documenting everything that happens with this in continuous parts over time. So feel free to join in on the fun.

You’ll of course need your own stack of the stuff. So > go here to pick a pack.


2019 update!

I didn’t get around to doing a public review. Because I was too busy coaching our new followers/members. So I’ll just tell you what to do with ‘higher end’/ingredient focused supplements like this…

#1 Just buy one stack (How much is up to you)
#2 Stick it in your kitchen cupboard
#3 Use it during pre/post-workout time

#4 Use the 121 nutrition coaching chats for on-going assistance

Over time… You’ll see your result improve…

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