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Motivation, inspiration and…


That’s what the goal of this interview is all about, and you will learn how from fitness model (And champion) Natalia Muntean. Who also happens to be…

  • A published fashion, fitness and nutrition writer
  • A spokes model
  • A Nutrition and beauty consultant
  • An Entrepreneur (In her own right)
  • A fan of dance (Latin) and martial arts. Both of which are great ways to become disciplined and have fitness fun, outside of the gym.

And who goes by the code name of ‘Glute Master’.

Pictures not only speak 1000 words. They also pop out of the screen and tell the damn truth. But you don’t need me to tell you that.

Nevertheless, Natalia really has mastered the art of carving out super glutes on the human body, which just happens to be the 2nd most sought out body part after the 6 pac.

You all remember this post,

The Art of Building a Bigger Butt


Well even if you don’t, you can clearly see the universal interest in wanting to own a superb looking butt. And that’s why I got a butt building pro over to the site to show you just how you can do the same.

The Full Program

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About Natalia Muntean

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Natalia is a successful fitness model and spokes model, as well, published fitness, nutrition and fashion writer.


  • Ms. Bikini Universe Overall Champion 2009
  • WBFF Fitness Model World Champion 2009
  • Ms. Bikini Florida 2008

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