Unusual Things you can do to Get Fit

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Getting in shape is often a matter of staying interested in exercise. If you can find something physical to do that you enjoy doing, then you’ll have far more success than if you simply jumped on the exercise bike and started peddling.


Yes, walking isn’t particularly unusual – but few of us do it as much as we really should. Think about all of the ways in which you’re avoiding walking in your daily life, and eliminate a few of them. Those five-minute car journeys that could be turned into half-hour walks? Eliminate them!


This one’s a little more on the unusual side. If you’re a fan of classic tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, then why not make the switch to something more physical with some Live Action Role Play. You’ll be able to get outdoors and socialise, and if you’re playing a character who has to lug around heavy armour, you’ll get some valuable anaerobic exercise, too.


You might, at the end of a wedding reception, have gotten onto a dancefloor and made some gestures which sort of approximate dancing. But with just a few sessions training, you can make vast technical improvements – and you may even have a hobby that you’ll persist with over the longer-term.


If we’re being honest, combat sports are about the most effective form of exercise there is. You have the not-inconsiderable incentive of a punch to the face to keep you moving, and a kind of rigorous cardio that calls upon every muscle in the body rather than just one.


Any activity which involves running away from people who are trying to shoot you is sure to be energetic as well as fun. You can travel to Royston via train and check out the paintball facilities there – as well as the leisure centre.


If you have a few household chores to take care of, then getting them done against the clock can make the time go faster – and it might even make things a little more mentally stimulating. Moreover, you’ll burn a few calories while you’re at it.

Motion-Controlled Gaming

If you like video games, then why not pick up a game that requires physical activity? The Wii-Fitness fad has kind of receded, but the technology is still around – if you want to play Beat Saber or Dance Dance Revolution, you’re sure to burn a few dozen calories with every session.

Play the Drums

When it comes to musical instruments, there are few quite so physical as the drums. Spend an hour practicing something strenuous and you won’t need that gym membership card any longer!

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