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People of S-curve world…
Yup… Living the best variation of your current day life.
That’s what that title means. Which you’ll often see posted, throughout these newsletters and via social media.
And throughout this post… I’ll highlight why it’s an important way to live your life.
The Youtube channel exists, to show you what that looks like in our world.
It doesn’t matter who you are. If you enjoy your time here, You deserve to live a variation of what you see here.
And this is why we created the S-curve Partner Program.
And have been aggressively growing it since.
> The individuals
> The partners (Businesses)
The more we have… The better life will be for YOU, as you follow all that we do.
Bear mattress
If you read this post…
Boost your immune system? Naaah… Instead… Do this…
You’ll see that ‘sleep’, is a vital part of ‘life’ in our world. You know… Getting good sleep.
Partnering up with the team at Bear mattress… Ensures that you have the tools to upgrade your sleeping shenanigans..
YOU… Having a connection with individuals whose social media account(s) are exploding. 
Like Meheninna. 
Who we are helping grow by 10-15%. Simply by posting her throughout our entire platform.
You’ll feel the benefits of that, by existing within the S-curve Partner Program eco-system.
Tip: If you’re a guy… Create pictures/videos with a female. They’ll do well throughout the SPP and within the S-curve Xperience.

Living awesomely… Prevents you from having to spend money on solutions that fix problems.

Even on our own ‘Survive and Thrive’ program.
You would’n need to start/spend money on that program… If you was living the S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max.
Because if you was living it to the max…
– Money wouldn’t be an issue
– Time wouldn’t be an issue
The global lock down would have kicked in, as it did, back in March.
And all you would have done was…
> Build your personal gym 
Build your personal gym at home @lucecitaecheverria
Build your personal gym at home @lucecitaecheverria
> Order food from home 
Feeding the monster S-curvishly with your home delivery from Top Chef Meals @val.mercado
Feeding the monster S-curvishly with your home delivery from Top Chef Meals @val.mercado
And you’re good to survive and thrive. Just doing what you was doing before the quarantine kicked in. Just at home.
Even with ‘becoming S-curvish’.
Which is what will happen to you on the ‘Survive and Thrive’ program.
Yes… For many, reaching 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish and being happy with that goal… Is a ‘thing’
Even for me!
Reaching 90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish means… 
That should you suddenly have to halt some daily life activities. Then… Your results won’t fade as quickly.
It’ll take serious non-activity for your results to fade, when you possess a 90-100% S-curvish physique.
And so…. Be extraordinary. Aim for 90-100% S-curvish.
For most of you… It’s OK to achieve that slowly, over time. Like 1-2 years.
That is a ‘sane’ pace. A pace that won’t occupy your mindset with ‘fitness’ shenanigans. 

Hopefully, this pandemic has you feeling this way too…

That is…
Wanting to live an upgraded life/lifestyle.
Because like we’ve said in previous SPP posts.
The SPP acts as your > back up plan.
We all live happily, daily here. 
But having lived through downturns and economic crashes before. WE… Stay ready for the unexpected.
And for many… COVID-19 was unexpected.
Not even I have seen a global lockdown like this before.
In 2019… The world was shifting into an offline economy.
Old school internet
And people thought the offline world was untouchable. You know… The real world.
BEEP card
But as we have all seen. Nothing is impossible. And nothing is entirely safe.
And this is why we continue to grow everything and live the S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max.
Everything you see in our Facebook/Instagram stories. Is there to push you in this direction.
The worst thing I see…
Is women that I meet… Who deep down, are disappointed with the lifestyle their partners are living with them.
They love their guy. But really… Would like for him to be doing more.
Not being able to have what you want… Should not be an option, if it costs money.
And it won’t be… Especially for the women in our world.
– Look S-cuvish
– Living some variation of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle
At which point… We’ll start posting you for free… Throughout our entire platform.
And over time… The money will flow…
Your followers and website hits don’t mean SH*T… But this DOES!

My personal experience

Back in 2009… I had one goal… As I left my old start-up.
And that was…
To live every single day to the max!
Because I felt what is was like to have time wasted… Throughout the process of building a start-up.
Which is even more detrimental, when your ‘young years’ are being wasted.
And so… 
That’s what I did. By starting this website. Stayfitbug.com
And from doing so… Many peoples lives changed for the better.
But most importantly… 11 years later…
I can happily look back with no regrets.
And a lot of people who shared those memories… Are always returning.
– They remember the emails
– They remember the early S-curve workout videos
– The Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Shared experiences… Is what it’s all about.
That itself, trumps ‘money’. Money just gives us freedom to access things.
That… Is the back bone of the S-curve Partner Program.
It existed ‘unofficially’ for years.
But as time went on, it just became more official. Because everything we did within it, was making a real impact on the lives of those who are present and active in S-curve world.
So today… We want the same for all of you.
On that note… Let’s highlight some key benefits of the SPP…
– Grow your social media accounts, website and business, by 10-15% over time (And growing… As we grow the SPP).
– Getting more of the right people into your network.
– Create ideas, products and services…. That HIT… Because of that…^^^
– Gain trust a lot more easily… Due to being associated with @fitbuzz.
– Easier to create successful in-person meet ups… Due to all of these relationships.
– Growing passive website traffic..  As we take some heavy lifting off your plate.
Of course… Full benefits on the archives page…
The S-curve Partner Program Businesses/Individuals (Official post/Bookmark) 

To conclude

This entire posts… Is me… Uplifting you, into whatever the new economy is going to be.
Just stay present in our world… And follow our lead.
You’ll succeed.
– These newsletters
– The social media posts
– Inside the private Facebook group
– The Survive and Thrive Pogram
– The ‘Air time’ trips
Stay involved with it all. And I promise you… Your life won’t suck, in any capacity.
All the way up!

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