THIS… Is why you need to become an S-curve Partner Program (Individual)

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People of S-curve world…
Right now… Followers and ‘likes’ are a weak vanity metric. There are people with 1000’s of followers and likes. But no income to show for it.
COVID-19 has ignited an upcoming deep recession.
The people who lost offline jobs, are finding that earning an income online for most people, isn’t quick or easy.
People aren’t dying from COVID-19. They’re starting to die from starvation.
Becoming S-curvish and functioning efficiently via the Survive and Thrive program, is all good and great.
But people need to get their ‘money right’. And we’re seeing this via our DMs.
Take a look…
Chat #1
Covid 19 recession
Covid 19 recession
Chat #2
Covid recession
Covid recession
Our solution to this dilemma, is the S-curve Partner Program.
And for these people… It starts at the S-curve Partner Program (For Individuals) level.
And that’s what we’re going to highlight today.
We’ve been outdoors. We’re constantly in conversations with people. And from what we can see. Online activity is going to be the way forward.
The people who are suffering the most from this pandemic, are the people who lived an offline life.
So today… We’re going to help you get started.
THIS… Is why you need to become an S-curve Partner Program (Individual)

Succeed faster

For many people… A lot of platforms that are available to them (In order to build a presence), have become saturated. Unless they’re prepared to ‘pay to play’ in order to gain a following.
Here in S-curve world… We’ve been building up our brand since 2009.
We’re not talking about social media followers either (Although that is a part of it).
– Real relationships with customers
– Real relationships S-curve members
– People that I met from travelling and networking
– Social media followers (Many 7-10 year relationships)
– Businesses from around the world
– People who were connected to me… Before I started
THAT… Is the S-curve Xperience platform.
It’s actually pretty hard (And sometimes too much work) for some people, to get the ball rolling on their own.
You might even lack the skills to connect with others ‘successfully’ and consistently.
And so… It’s much easier to jump into a ‘relative’ audience that already exists.
A lot of females who are at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-cuvish and living some variation of an S-curve Xperience lifestyle, realise this too.
Take a look at our recent Instagram DM’s…
That’s why you need to become an SPP (Individual).
– A personal brand
– A corporate brand
That’s your goal… To build either one. It could even be a mix of both.
But if you’ve now fallen into the world of starting your own ‘thing’, instigated by events caused by the 2020 pandemic. Then… It starts at the SPP (Individual) level.
I’m personally very hands on with this right now, as you can see… From the 121 chats above.
For almost everyone that this applies to…
> Get yourself a hosting account via Dreamhost
Yes… You can choose any host. But that’s who we use and trust. Since 2006
The reason why… Is because that will force you to start getting hands on, with the things that actually cause income to flow.
Keyword = Experimentation
Embracing that mindset is your first lesson!

Get more ideas from other SPP (Individuals) from around the world

You know…
A lot of people who are personally connected to me. Think that I work ‘solo’. And that all S-curve Xperience stuff, has been created by me.
That’s partly true. But not entirely.
You see… It’s all about ‘Becoming one with the people’.
It’s all about being a part of the daily conversation. With people who exist in all walks of life.
Doing so, gives you a very wide perspective of the world.
This is why I was constantly embracing ‘Meet 1-5 new people every other day’, back in 2017.
Shaun Sinclair Burma
As I kept finding that I learned something new… With EVERY new encounter.
The same thing happens within the S-curve Partner Program.
A lot of the ‘Individuals’, come from all around the world.
And when you connect with them. You’ll see the different things that are working for them.
Sometimes directly, from communicating with them. Sometimes indirectly, from following them.
But you’ll fast track your route to success, by applying what you learn from them.
That’s why you need to become an SPP (Individual).

Awareness of new connections that you never knew about

Yup… This is 100% real. And is actually the reason as to why WE continue to find new SPP partners and individuals.
It’s the digital networking effect.
Social media algorithms have a part to play in this too.
But for the most part… You instantly enter the network of an individual, the moment you connect with them.
– The things they like
– The things they comment on
– The people/businesses they mention
Being more involved within the S-curve Xperience, will open you to that.
It’ll become easier for all ‘relative’ kinds of people to find you. All because you exist ‘here’.
That’s why you need to become an SPP (Individual).

A back up plan

This is arguably the no.1 reason to be an SPP (Individual)
Like I said earlier…
There are signs everywhere… That we’re about to enter a deep recession.
– We’re seeing it via our DM’s (Like those chats above).
– We’re seeing it via the stores on the high street… With many closing up shop and going digital. Or embracing a mix of online and offline activity.
Maybe a ‘recession’ is the wrong word to use.
Quite simply… The world is constantly adapting into a ‘new normal’ way of operating.
Because of this… It’s more important than ever before, to jump into opportunities that make sense for YOU.
And over time… You’ll see that some of those opportunities will work in your favor.
Within the S-curve Xperience… We’re constantly evolving. Like with all the new things that we’ve announced since January 2020.
– Official launch of the S-curve Partner Program
– The Survive and Thrive Program
– 2-4 week ‘Air time’ trips
So it will be in your favor… To ride the waves that we create.

To conclude

Remember… To join the program is FREE.
Only the tools that help you grow… Cost money.
And the only requirements needed to enter =
– Look at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish
'Soft lean' @megkylie
‘Soft lean’ @megkylie
– Want to… Currently are living a variation of an S-curve Xperience lifestyle.
All of the above only scratches the surface.
Hit this page for more details….
The S-curve Partner Program Businesses/Individuals (Official post/Bookmark)

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Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
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