THIS is why the S-curve Xperience is FREE… 

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People of S-curve world…
Everything that you’re about to see… Will further explain why the S-curve Xperience is free.
And of course… More talk on how ‘going deeper’ costs money. Which you should read in this post…
 The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money… 


I have to highlight all of the new people that have arrived in the past 12 months.
Because YOU… Are a large part of the audience that makes up today’s S-curve Xperience eyeballs.
Most of whom… Have arrived from the Instagram/Facebook stories.
– You’re watching and consuming everything for free.
– You truly love sticking around to enjoy it all.
Before. It was all about the S-curve member program. But a lot of you straight up told me…
”We love being here… Not all of us want to be S-curve members”.
With the following statement confirming that. From a recent Tumblr chat.
@fitbuzz on Tumblr
@fitbuzz on Tumblr

Let me get into answering the title of this post…

You see… We ‘give’ the S-curve Xperience via many different platforms. Even offline.
One of those platforms, is of course Facebook.
What he’s referring to in that chat… Is a Facebook messenger bot that we used, to send out these newsletters.
We lost access to it, for an unknown reason (Although I kinda know why).
But the fact is… Joe (That’s his name) was so engaged with the Xperience on it. That he had to seek us out on our other platforms.
Fortunately, that’s very easy to do, via this website. Which is of course, the home of everything that exists within the Xperience.
And now that he has found us… He’s happy again.
The  S-curve Xperience is all about feeding into the missing links in your life Vices even. Like Travel-curvish 2.0 and eating whatever the fudge (Our F word) we want. Especially whilst on those trips.

#travel-curvish2.0 – The #muraka at #conradmaldives via our folks #hotel

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It’s all about having you wake up… Feeling happier than you usually would.
Those messages (above), is confirmation of why we do everything that we do in our world. It keeps us on track.
There’s been a lot of them from old and new people. Which you may have seen in > recent newsletters.
And so… We’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

When it makes sense for ‘going deeper’ to cost money…

Let’s dig into the previous newsletter. Because it relates…
The S-curve member program…
Almost everything that you see today. All started because of that program. And it still exists.
But of course… Things evolve.
But in that program… We saw the happiness levels of members, go through the roof. So much so… That a lot of the successful members. Have joined the new FB group. People from 6-7 years ago!
All of those people paid money to be an S-curve member. And if they didn’t… They wouldn’t have experienced the outcome that they did.
A lot of what goes on inside, is 121 coaching. Which goes MUCH deeper than anything we do publicly.
Which is why there’s a cost element to it.
And so… In that case. It makes sense for you to pay money. For there to be a monetary cost.

Physical products

We are all hard wired to buy physical products.
And in S-curve world. We just want to make sure you buy items that make sense.
Which is highlighted in a lot of these posts…
5 S-curve Xperience items that I use every week (No.5 is a MUST have) 
S-curve Xperience (As a whole) items that YOU must have! 
An official S-curve Xperience ‘items list’ update page 
With the focus on ‘product types’ you should get into.
Sometimes… It’s about the emotional connection to a physical product.
Our t-shirts/apparel/merch are a great example of this.
We’ve sold them, almost since the start (2011).
But the reason why they sell… Is because the messages, quotes and slogans, relate to things that go on, within the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
Heck, even I get tempted to buy and wear them. Because of course, I’m living the Xperience that you follow. Which is why I push it so heavily, personally.
For you… The tees and apparel might be great.
Th only reason why it’s not for me (As much). Is because I have an entire wardrobe of awesome shirts that I don’t wear.
Either way… We’ll keep creating them, because of the feeling it brings and you’re wearing.
Which of course, relates to part 2 of the S- Xperience
Swimsuit-curvish OOTN attire @deboramirtes
Swimsuit-curvish OOTN attire @deboramirtes
Which of course, relates to the S-curve partner program. Since a lot of our partners, are heavy in the selling of garments.
If that’s you… You may possibly qualify to be a part of the S-curve partner program.


In the previous post… I mentioned that there’s barely any refunds on them.
The reason why… Is because folks are being taught, NOT to use them as a replacement for food.
And to instead… Use them as results boosters, and nutrient boosters for certain > meal types.
Now… We’re all familiar with the supplements that you see > here…
Testofuel and Instant knockout supplements
And that list rarely gets updated (You can read ‘why’ when you go there).
But in 2019… We stared looking into other foods and supplements that you could buy.  That will improve the quality of your free S-curve Xperience.
I talked about some of my own personal ones in the christmas day newsletter.
Some of which… Weren’t even nutritional supplements.
And I’ll continue to update you on awesome finds.
A lot of things that I find… I get truly excited about too. And I’m hard to please in that department.
So you’re in good hands.

To conclude

Once again… The S-curve Xperience is free. And I know a lot of you enjoy it. I do too. And I’m obsessed with improving the quality.
I would love to embrace all of it, all the time. But that can’t be a consistent reality.
What’s more real… Is to have all of us… Xperiencing some part of it.. All the time.
– Nights out
– Travel-curvish 2.0
– Restaurant shenanigans
When things do cost money. It usually means there’s increased value, on the receiving end.
Also… It makes sense to spend. When YOU decide to go deeper. Like when someone messages to become an S-curve member. After Xperiecing everything for free.
They message… Because they’re failing. And understand that to get better results. Means finding an entity that has a track record of providing that.
Because clearly, there’s something you’re not doing. Or are doing wrong.
The finale break down
The S-curve Xperienceoverall (Public videos, newsletters, social media mini blog posts, podcasts) = Free
> Supplements/foods = Costs money
– Apparel = Costs money
– Access to ME within the S-curve program = Costs money
– LIVE events and meet ups = Free/Costs money (Depends on the event)
> Items to use within the Xperience (See items lists above) = Costs money
– S-curve partner program = Free

The latest

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