THIS is why ‘I’ stopped creating public S-curve workout videos…

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People of S-curve world…
There is NO WAY there would have been a successful S-curve program… If ‘I’ continued creating them!
And YOU… Sending me DM’s asking for ‘workouts’… Is why you are failing.
Yup… That’s right… Now let me explain…
Let’s go back in time a little (We all know you love stories too :D).
Time really does fly when you’re having fun. Because I started creating these videos….
Back in 2011.
Many of you have been a part of that journey too. And are STILL here!
That just shows the level of impact that S-curve world has had on peoples lives. Even my own.
And from 2009-2014… Things kept on progressing, year after year.
Until they didn’t (Kinda).
We’re talking about the S-curve workouts here. And the (Today) S-curve Xperience overall.
As you can see on that Youtube channel above…
I was recording new S-curve workout videos, every single day.
I remember spending entire days, fine tuning the recording and editing process too.
2014 is the year that I stopped doing public S-curve workout videos.
And I’ll tell you why.


That’s a lot of videos. Just for workouts.
These videos were…
– 10-15 minutes long (Like the one above)
– Very informative and educational
Which meant that they were good for people who were new to fitness, working out and body shaping.
In fact… That was part of the avatar of people who became S-curve members.
And that… Is what caused ME to stop recording ‘public’ S-curve workout videos.
Let’s explain some more…
Again… This was 2014-15.
This was when the S-curve program became an official monthly payment program.
It went from 5-10-20 members a month pretty quickly.
Which meant… That MY focus had to turn to everyone inside the program.
Because the no.1 thing that HAD to happen. Is that they actually succeeded in achieving results.
And that takes a lot more focus… Than someone just watching a random, public workout video.
A workout is 20-30 minutes out of your 24 hour day.
Success = Figuring out how to manage everything that happens outside of that time frame.
And that… Is when the S-curve formula was born.
Read this post…
Explaining the elements of the S-curve formula
In 2014… I could guarantee 60-70% results success.
Fast forward to 2016. All the way up to 90-100% results success.
But there’s no way I could achieved that, with all these people…
Successful S-curve member archive
Successful S-curve member archive
If ‘I’ continued creating public S-curve workout videos.
I did of course, continue creating them. But they were all 100% private videos. For S-curve members only.
– More raw
– More personal
– Recording in real time or when needed. Like when exercises in a program video, doesn’t work well for an S-curve member.
You see… A lot more specific.
‘Specific’… Which is what happens with EVERYTHING inside the main S-curve program.
It’s hard to see what that looks, from the outside.
Which is why I went crazy in 2016 and created a 3 MONTH! LIVE stream, of the entire process an S-curve member goes through.
And why we have newsletters, Instagram posts and everything else, to educate you.

My replacement

Is what has birthed the most recent S-curve partner program.
Let’s go backwards some more…
Part of the reason why we even have an ‘S-curve’. Is because of our switch of focus from helping men, to women.
It wasn’t planned. It just happened.
This was 2010-ish.
Back then… Everything was new. Social media was new. No one knew where it was going. We just embraced it, one day after the next.
At that time… It was all about fitness models and photoshoot pictures.
That was all the rage.
First… We interviewed fitness models
Miryah Jade Scott Video Interview with
Miryah Jade Scott Video Interview with
I don’t have the videos any more. Because at that time. I recorded and uploaded them to a website called
It was the only platform that allowed 1 hour long videos. Youtube then… Only allowed 15 minute videos.
Those video interviews became popular. And of course… I shared them around social media.
It was a wonderful time actually. I’ve created bonds and memories that’ll probably last a life time.
Note: That’s why S-curve members are successful.
Key phrase = Deep involvement. In the trenches together.
Any how…
These were the images/videos/events… That cause this to happen…
And so… Started to feature more fitness models (FB page took off).
A year later (2012). I took it to Instagram (S-curve was born).
From 2013 until now… We started to get messages from people who wanted to be featured. On everywhere we have a presence.
Women who look-ed S-curvish.
And so… We did feature (Some… Not all).
A lot of them had workout videos.
Not all workouts are created equal. And there are a lot of niches in fitness.
So… Only women who fit the S-curve criteria, got posted.
A lot of them… Were embracing elements of the S-curve formula. Which is why they looked the way they looked (S-curvish).
'Soft lean' S-curvish @megkylie
‘Soft lean’ S-curvish @megkylie
And is why they entered the S-curve family.
They didn’t have THESE videos…
10-15 minutes long (Like the one above)
– Very informative and educational
But they did have the exercises and the entertainment factor.
More recently…
View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Fit Buzz (@fitbuzz) on

Priscilla… Who has been around in S-curve world for years now.
Her and many others… Have replaced what ‘I’ used to do… With public S-curve workout videos
But what about…
– 10-15 minutes long (Like the one above)
– Very informative and educational
Well… I created a lot of videos over 3 years.
Some of them have been lost.
But you can still learn a lot, in the ones that exist on that channel.


That’s why there aren’t any videos like that any more, with/of me.
The ones I do create… All happen inside the S-curve member program. As that’s what will help you the most, if results is your goal.
On top of that. The S-curve workouts are only a part of the reason why you succeed.
Also… All of this started with ME. But as we grew. The focus became much more about the S-curve members.
Me… I’m just a part of the formula. The S-curve formula..
And for me… To start teaching that formula to others. Which is what I started doing in 2019.
Also… Today…
There’s more of a focus on the S-curve Xperience overall.
Which is more on what happens in daily life… Outside of working out.
Which is also where we spend most of our time, in the S-curve member area.
Again… You can’t really see this. You have to become a member to feel it.
In short… You need to actually work with someone, in order to succeed.
Mentorship, teaching, coaching. It all works.
And those who embrace it, often wish they embraced it sooner.
If you grow to trust someone/a business. And you want to succeed, with what they offer…
And… You’ve seen the outcome of what they deliver…
Work with them!
That’s how you win in life.
Learn from the mistakes and experiences of others.
Because once you do… You’ll have a lot more time, to enjoy the fun things within the S-curve Xperience….
Watch… Tiktok… 😀

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I WASN’T drinking in that video above though 😀
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