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Buzzers… Saturday…

You know… The internet has long been known, to communicate in ‘code talk’.

Like in email newsletters for example.

People or businesses would send content. To only then, try and steer you down a different path.

Like… To buy the golden goose. To then having to buy something else to get to the golden goose.

All BS.

Some people still fall for that s***. But like I said in 2005. The internet will eventually become an almost exact representation to every day offline life.

Yes… We have > this going on now.

But today… Because of social media + heightened awareness and sensitivity. People will just call you out on BS behaviour like that.

Which is why we went a lot more LIVE, 2 years ago. And which is why I’m not afraid to talk about prices.

– Why you’re not buying
– Why you’re not replying to newsletters or messaging

I just call you out on your s***. At which point, you’ll run away. Or just own up to whatever behaviour you’re showing.

The same way you should call anyone out on their s***.

This is the world we live in now. There’s a lot of platforms out there, which is encouraging more content creation.

There’s info in peoples heads. So they’re sharing it. In every industry.

Even on Wednesday. Her boss tried the usual ‘sell a priority’ pitch, BS. He’s supposed to. It’s his job.

But he quickly realised that I was too well equipped @ knowledge and experience, for that to work on me. And the convo quickly turned into a real one.

A real one… Where I basically said… ”I’m not buying anything from you… Until I trust the s*** out of you”.

So say hello to real fudging life in 2018.

Blueprint tips continued from yesterday

#4 Use fruit as your cheat snacks and never eat it at night.

Almost all those who I meet, who are failing (Lower belly fat/fat on sides) aren’t following this rule.

But the key, is to not spike your insulin levels before you sleep. As doing that consistently, can lead to an unwanted increase in fat levels.

#5 Only compare you to YOU.

Calves aren’t my best looking body part (In my eyes). So I can’t look at someone else’s and strive for that. Especially if we’re not built the same.

The goal is to always look like a better version of YOU.

So if you are looking at other bodies for motivation. Just be inspired by the level of ‘soft lean’ they have reached. As that’s something everyone can have.

#6 Only worry about your day 1 to day 30 selfie/belfie comparison.

I already know you look in the mirror several times a day. And you may indeed see your body change within that time period. Which is normal.

But the real changes happen weeks or months at a time.

So stop stressing over the daily mirror.

See you in tomorrows RECAPO.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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