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Today, is more about addressing topics that are highlighted in the emails and messages that are received on a daily basis.
So… Not really a Q & A day… As more and more people now see @fitbuzz for what it is… An S-curve Xperience.
And we’ll always dig into the elements of the S-curve Xperience.
A lifestyle that we’ve created over the past 11 years.
Anyway… Let’s dig into the topics…

I see the cryptocurrency exchange on the site… Explain…

Binance refer
We added the Binance cryptocurrency exchange into the S-curve Xperience 2 years ago. And it was good that we did. Because they have grown tremendously during that time.
Why did we add them?
A) People who follow here in S-curve world… Can see how our partners, associates and peers are living life. An S-curve Xperience ‘life’.
But for some of these individuals… They haven’t figured out how it’s possible earn enough money… With the free time to match. To be able to…
– Go on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
– Buy the items that you see > here and > here 
In most cases… It’s the time element that they’re concerned about…
And so… We wanted to give them one way to boost their earnings… With our guidance… And through our own efforts, being present on the platform.
– Remotely
– 24/7/365
By investing and trading on the platform. The following post talks about it a little more…
B) The blockchain industry was/is on the rise.
There is no telling how it will play out, into the world of the masses. But whatever happens, we wanted to stay ready, instead of getting ready (Like we do inside the S-curve formula)… For however it turns out.
Because we’ve seen and experienced the benefits of being early adopters over the years.
– Ebay/E-commerce
– Blogging
– Bitcoin
These all exploded between 2003-2015. It’s a different day today though. And there WILL be more opportunities to come.
We’re an S-curve Xperience. Which means to live the best variation of YOUR current day life, with your favorite people.
We want to always provide unique and awesome ways to make that a reality.

I see men and women on… Explain why…

Yup… We started off helping men, back in 2009. And shortly after… The focus became the S-curve… On women.
The S-curve belfie @dalmaviczai
The S-curve belfie @dalmaviczai
Which is still the core element of the @fitbuzz brand.
You can read the full back story here…
TIS THE S-CURVE EXPERIENCE (An ‘epic’ explanation)
But here’s the short story of why you can see men AND women on the website…
– Our focus was on helping men, when we started this website in 2009.
– A Facebook page that we started in 2010 took off… And overshadowed everything we was doing on this website, at the time.
It was an ALL woman focus up until…
– The return of men – As we met many in 2017, in offline events. Many of whom…
A) Enjoyed the lifestyle (S-curve Xperience).
B) Wanted to get their girlfriends/wives involved… As many of these people had never seen S-curvish bodies before.
– 2017 to current day – A focus on both women and men… As we are now an S-curve Xperience. Which is embraced by ‘people’.

What is ‘Air time’?

Videos make for a much quicker and longer lasting explanation here. And so… We embrace it via:
– S-curve workouts
– Weekends (Local to home)
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
But the main reason we embrace it… Is to detox from people and technology.
Doing so… Allows us to create thoughts and ideas that make sense and matter, to/for the people of the world.
I haven’t posted our T-shirts/apparel in a while. But this T-shirt…
Digital detox t-shirt
Digital detox
Yup… Words on wear…
Aka…. The stuff that we say within the S-curve Xperience… Printed on garments. Aka… Good offline ‘message marketing’ :D.
You might have seen this post floating around a lot too…
A Christmas day newsletter update (Ask me anything/S-curve supplements) 
It gives a full break down of the use of nootropics focused supplements. Which is our ‘Air time’ ‘supplement type’ (Hit the > previous newsletter for a new type we just added).
They’re particularly handy… For when we’re physically active during our Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans…

S-curve #workout + #fashion is a ’thing’ followed by #airtime #atv #atvride vitoriagomes #atvlife

♬ original sound – shauntls

To conclude

The more questions and queries we answer, the better. And making everything public knowledge, improves things for everyone involved.
So as usual… Stay active in the chats and emails. It leads to newsletters like this.

The latest

S-curve partners, members, associates and peers… Embracing S-curve partner (Businesses) products/services:
– OOTD-curvish wine time moments @angelicahakanssonn
OOTD-curvish wine time moments @angelicahakanssonn
OOTD-curvish wine time moments @angelicahakanssonn
It’s all about receiving your monthly dosage, delivered to your home, via our partners at > Cellars Wine Club.
– We recently created our first ‘cornerstone’ post, in relation to our partners over at Bear Mattress.
We have a feeling that a strong selection of folks within S-curve world will be making an upgrade to their bedding/sleeping situation over the year.
So that the following situation remains forever pleasant…
Waking up after a great night of 6-8 hours of #sleep @rafamacedosz
Waking up after a great night of 6-8 hours of sleep @rafamacedosz
– Vaping shenanigans… Because we all ‘try’ fun things outside of our fitness related endeavours.
One partner… A few variations to browse around
Shop #1
Shop #2
Shop #3
CBD/Vaping shenanigans @vicky__way
CBD/Vaping shenanigans @vicky__way
– S-curve workout meets OOTD attire… Via > Born Tough
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