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Buzzers… Day 2 of 2018…


I’ve kick started the year… In the way that you need to be kick starting things @ prepared. As most of today’s newsletter content was created 2 days before.
That’s the attitude that will keep you on the winning path. And is what older members who are returning … Are being taught, via the new improvements within the S-curve formula!
The newsletter is of course LIVE and in the moment. So some of that ‘prepared content’ will change.

Things to look forward to… Other than the topics that you raise @ yesterdays newsletter…

#1 > Scenarios – As you’ll likely end up on one of those @ officially more flexible this year (Was more

‘unofficially’ in 2017).
#2 Buzzcoin – (Link below in info area) Stages 1-4 on a blockchain. The ‘smart contract’ stuff… The currency stuff is related to other parts of the S-curve experience.
#3 More Travel-curvish 2.0 – Which will be related to our Buzzcoin activities I’m sure.

#4 Tweak weeks program – You know about the LIVE update member page + 121 coaching chats… Right? As that’s the ‘heart’ of becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish.

But… You won’t always have to be on a results phase (Aka intense). And you might not even have to be heavily into a lifestyle phase either. Like during a festive period @ the past 1-2 months.

If so… You have the Tweak week workout modules that help solve the problems that you’ll encounter along the way.


– Temporary shrunk butt
– Preventing boob shrinkage by at least 1 cup size

– Exercise and strength progression exercises (The process… Although it’s much safer to do this with 121 coaching and LIVE updates)

So we’ll continue to add content to the modules within that program.

> Super good for stage 4
> Super good for TC2.0 shenanigans

We done the science… It’s all business now…

You’ve seen the > back story right?


– We started, with the goal of helping men.
– Stumbled upon the demand for helping women.
– Demand ramped up.

– We started to do real world scientific tests and creating tech solutions for ‘proven science’. Like the S-curve nutrition calculator (YOU… Don’t get to see that any more though. Takes up too much of YOUR time. Instead… You just get the numbers given to you).
– And year after year… We’ve been perfecting the formula.

And today… We can predict the timeline of your results outcome (Just… No random ‘stopping’… Can’t predict s*** if you do that).

This is how and why everything has become ‘high end’. Not just in prices. But in our overall approach to every little thing.

Because things have been proven. Over and over again. There’s less ‘science testing’ going on.

So understand, that when you ask questions as an active member or not… You’re going to get a ‘high end experience’ answer.

(It’s the S-curve formula at play… And we don’t ever step outside of it. Because it’s what works… Regardless of who gets put through it)

Like this one from S-curve member Shawn from the new podcast (Hopefully Monica next week).

– > Asking about visuals for exercises that was listed in one of last weeks newsletters.

That would not have been the complete response some years back. As you can see the type of things we was offering then @ > back story part 2.

But it is now. And everyone is getting this treatment in the Q & A.

Always firm… Always fair. And always real. Because what we do here, expands outside of just getting


And going long term, often means that we’re going to talk outside the realm of just getting results. Robots we are not.


This year is no different from 2017 or any of the years before that. It’s a progression and evolution from those years.

And everything that’s going on, can be found on More buzz and in the other details below.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).
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