The Workout Routine That Has It All!

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Well… It nearly has it all. The only thing this workout routine won’t give you is big bulging muscles. However, it will give you super functional strength along with speed, agility and endurance. That surely is more beneficial to you than muscles that just look nice for the ladies to see and feel…. right?

Well… I’ll leave that question for you to answer. Nevertheless, this workout routine nearly has it all.

*Words of Warning*

This workout is not for the faint hearted

If you remember my guest post on Balancing Cardio Exercises for Weight Training you will remember the part where I talked about high intensity training, running up hills once or twice per week and the level of fitness you need to be at to perform that.

This workout routine stands side by side with high intensity training and here’s what you will need in place before you even think about doing it.

What You Need

  • No injuries, especially in your lower body.
  • Doctors approval – I’m not going to be responsible for any untimely deaths. Take precautions and get your doctors opinion noting your current state of fitness and health.
  • New gym shoes – your current gym shoes may have lost their support through wear and tear, so buy some new ones to ensure you have full 100% foot support.
  • A jump rope.
  • A large bottle of water.

*Another Warning*

This is a non stop routine, your body will be moving at every moment during this routine. So there will be no time to stop off over at the water fountain.

  • An empty gym – You’ll see why in a moment.

What You Need To Do

Design your routine

That is,

  • Choose 4 upper body exercises.
  • Choose 4 lower body exercises.

To make things simple for you, I’ll start you off.

Upper body – Bench press, lat pulldown, dumbbell biceps curl and row

Lower body – Squats, hamstring curl, the adductor and abductor machines

Structure a good order to do them in (Based on the layout of your gym) and then do a practice walk through.

The Workout Routine that has it all

  • You lift light weights as fast as you can while maintaining perfect form, doing between 10-15 reps.
  • Once you complete one set, grab the jump rope and jump for 15 seconds (Increase the time as you get better).
  • Put the two jump rope handles in one hand, drink some water, put the bottle in the other hand, and walk quickly to your next exercise.

If the equipment you need is in use, just move on to the next exercise and then go back to it once it is free (This is why you need an empty gym).

  • Remember – No stopping! If you been to fatigue, just limit the number of reps you do and decrease your jump rope time. But don’t stop
  • Each group of exercises alternated with the jump rope is one set.
  • Perform 4 sets of each (10-15 reps)
  • At the end of each set, walk slowly around the gym for one minute and thirty seconds and breathe deeply

That’s it. The reading part is easy. Now go and do the damn thing.

I already know that you may initially struggle with the above, and when you, it won’t be the end of the world. All you have to do is cut everything back.

  1. Resistance – Can’t handle 10kg dumbbells? Decrease the weight to 5kg.
  2. Jump rope – Can’t last for 15 seconds? Just do 10 jumps each time.

This routine maybe off putting for most of you muscle heads reading this, as the focus is to build muscle mass. But guess what? It will help you build superior functional strength which will help you lift heavier free weights and max out your reps during your unique bodyweight exercises.

I’ll be really interesting to see your feedback on this routine, and once you do put it into action, feel free to drop your response in the comments.

See you there.

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