The untold benefit of Becoming an S-curve member

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S-curve world folk and folkerinas…
The answer =
You get taught the real deal info on how to dominate the S-curve partner program.
Now… It’s not really an ‘untold’ benefit. As I often talk about S-curve members progressing into the > S-curve partner program. Since S-curve members are the most qualified individuals to succeed with it. 
At least on the body/mindset fixing side of the program. Where you’re inviting people who you know can benefit from becoming S-curve members.
But today… We’re going to dig deep into this topic. As there isn’t one single post that has ‘totally’ done that (Until now).
In life (And business)…
There are highs and lows. Some major. Some minor. But there’s always usually a fluctuation between the two. Never a ‘constant’ with either one.
One of our highs. In regards to the S-curve member program. Was the events that took place, when > these ladies got involved.
Looking back… That was the true birth of the S-curve partner program (Circa 2016).
1. The first lady got results (Who I already had a strong relationship with).
2. The 2nd lady caught wind of it (A person who I also got to spend time with [Important]… Which you’ll see in that post above).
3. The first lady studied at a college. Had student friends who wanted to get involved.
That training video is gone (unfortunately). But as students. I got them on a group S-curve bodyweight circuit.
Which was a lot of fun too 😀
4. Shortly after that. More than half of us ended up on a > TC2.0 trip.
A trip that solidified a strong bond between a like minded group of people.
THAT… Is what the S-curve partner program is all about!
Will you add an extra income stream and make money from being a part of it? Yes… You can do (From both sides of the program).
Money itself isn’t all that important, at the big picture view though. It just helps support the back bone of the programs existence.
What is greatly important…
– Increased happiness levels (Amongst everyone around you).
– Improved relationships with your people.
Which will happen… When they start to see positive changes in your life.. As it did with all of those folks above
It will also highlight the negative relationships too. And teach you who to eliminate.
– A sense of belonging.
Taking continuous TC2.0 trips and remaining a part of the S-curve formula as a whole.
That’s how you keep results. Which is important. Because almost everyone who starts… Falls off and fails without something like this in place.

Why S-curve members are the most qualified to succeed with introducing other people via the partner program…

It just makes sense that they would.
– They know the processes.
– They lived the processes.
– They succeeded with the processes.
– The people that they introduce, likely saw their journey.
– These same people probably have a trusting relationship with them.
– Because of all of that. They don’t ever have to ‘sell’ the S-curve member program to them.
The best thing about all of this ‘today’. Is that we are officially an S-curve Xperience now.
Which means new S-curve members aren’t joining in just to Become S-curvish.
Tailored Daily Exercise video moments @maayan__peri

Tailored Daily Exercise video moments @maayan__peri

They’re joining in to Xperience a boosted lifestyle… With they’re favorite people. In an improved body.
All of what happened above, wasn’t set in stone on day 1.
I personally had no idea things would play out the way they did.
And that right there is the best benefit of all. Because the entire platform presents a sea of opportunities for everyone involved.

The 121 coaching chats

We all know. that these coaching chats cause everyone to win, when it comes to Becoming S-curvish.
So expect that to be the case, for you or anyone that is officially starting.
Today… We now have the private Facebook group.
It’s special invite only. And most, if not all the people who are currently in there/invited, are:
– Past S-curve members
– Very activate social media followers
– People I’ve personally connected with, via all things @fitbuzz, over the past 10 years (Offline/Online).
So everyone has similar experiences with everything that has ever gone on.
Because of that… It’s now easy for us to be very open about everything.
That’s the big benefit. Because it’s all those private 121 messages, coming to life.
And everyone can learn/share the knowledge.

To conclude

Everything that we do within the Xperience, is connected. And if you’ve ever messaged about officially starting.
Then… Expect the outcome to look like some variation of the above.
2020 is around the corner. And I’m doing as much as I can, to ramp up year 2 of the S-curve Xperience, to new heights.
As usual… Just message or comment somewhere, to talk about anything that you’ve seen in this post.
I’m ‘deep in the game’ (Always have been). So I can tell you everything you need to know.

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