The ultimate solution to fix your mindset and body issues

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

The ultimate solution to fix your mindset and body issues

So… We’ve officially stepped into the realm…. Of focusing on fixing your

– Mindset

– Mental game

– Lifestyle First…

‘Before’ heading to fix your body (Into an S-curvish one – For guys too)…

The trend has been moving towards that for a few years now. As there’s been more pictures of chat screenshots, documenting the issues that people are having. Than before and after pics.

Although before and after S-curve member pics like this, still matter.

But this year… It become even more official.

Like… Take a look at the topics highlighted in these chat convos…

The ultimate solution to fix your mindset and body issues

Back in 2011. When we made the switch to focusing on women, from men only.

The first thing we noticed. Is that women opened up about their issues. A lot easier than men did. Which made it easy to start creating solutions for their problems.

Now that the men have returned. Since becoming an S-curve experience (See subheading). It’s our job… To help them get their problems off their chest. Like this…

Usually more ‘heart felt’ topics than that. But still.

Of course… Me… Shaun Sinclair. Who has been driving all the results for women over the past several years.

I have the hands on experience to get into the emotional side of these men.

So that’s happening inside all messenger apps.

> Instagram DM’s

> FB messenger


Your issues though @ daily brain shit

So… Having spent YEARS fixing everyone in this area already. It’s the S-curve formula that gives the fix.

It’s a combination of nutrition, workout, lifestyle and ‘therapy’ shenanigans. All structured into one process.

That’s what you’re getting into when you start. The formula won’t change. Only evolve. Because it works.

What will change. Is how it’s presented to you on day one. Or those moments before you start. Because getting you started is the most important part. Even more important… Is getting you to continue and STAY fixed.

But you… Don’t worry about that. Just focus on us… Making it easy for you to start.

The day in a life of…

I’ll show you what a typical day ‘for me’, looks like. And some issues that I had. Which got fixed too. As I ran everything on Whilst looking 90-100% S-curvish in the process.

Cheat snacking cured my issue of eating A-rated foods ONLY

Yup… Eating A-rated foods ONLY… Is very boring (The cleanest variation of any food source).

It’s great for getting results. But horrible for your lifestyle, mindset and ‘satiety happiness’ levels.

Eating like that, will make you start to crave for D-F rated ‘cheat foods’ (The dirtiest variation of any food source).

So what we do… Is focus on making all of your main meals A-C rated. As this boosts the number of nutrients that enter your guts (A great results booster).

And to then…

#1 Eat A-rated fruit (All fruits are A-rated, because they’re natural) as your cheat snacks. At any time, 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#2 Eat D-F rated foods that you ‘like’. If your results are above 70% S-curvish.

I started to do both. And my mindset, at all times of the day… During all activities… Was at peace.

And my results were improved AND maintained.


‘Coming up for air’ gives peace of mind, clarity

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Serenity in regular doses…

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The roof top in the hub that I stay in. Which is where I meet > 1-5 people everyday.

Yup… That’s two places where I go to in the Philippines. The country is island rich! Which is perfect for Travel-curvish 2.0. Which is a major part (And most fun) of the S-curve experience.

‘Coming up for air’, can be any activity, where your mind is at rest from stressful situations. I find that this increases greatly… The higher up you go..


Finding an activity that you enjoy

For me… It’s cinema movies, TV shows, tech/video game/music content. But in general… For you. That would be a physical activity that you enjoy. Outside of the workouts that you do, as an S-curve member.

This helps @ keeping you motivated.

Having the right people ‘in your corner’

That’s code word… For having the right people to turn to. For help/advice, in your life.

I of course… Become a person that’s ‘in your corner’. This is where stuff like…

– End of day meal reports.

– Weekly ‘check-ins’.

Come into play…

Which are two ‘mental game’ fixing features within the S-curve formula.

This daily newsletter is another ‘fixer’. But that’s free to all. This newsletter exists, to motivate you to get involved in the S-curve experience as a whole.

To conclude

All of the above… Is a variation of what everyone is going through. And how certain issues will be fixed.

Everyone has pain points. Folks just need to be in situations, that allow them to open up about those pain points… To the right person.

Right now. For you… That is me. Along with some assisted help. Which is of course… Over seen by ME.

All of that stuff, is what the S-curve formula is made up of. It’s the ingredients.

You become a member… Because there’s a proven formula. And every other day. You’ll continue to see LIVE screen chat shots, of what’s going on, with those who are FB Messenger.

And of course… You need to follow on Instagram and Facebook. For the LIVE and interactive stuff.

And remember… You can become part of the S-curve Member Partner Program. Once you’ve been a member for at least 1-3 months.

The partner program came about, because I personally saw the positive impact that the S-curve formula was having on people. On their friends. Their family…

People who they are really close to… Opening up and wanting to get involved.

That’s some serious heightened trust factor shenanigans going on there. Which requires a level of responsibility.

And yes… You will be rewarded for being a partner. How so… Is entirely up to you.

For example… Back in 2016… When this lady… Got this lady…

Involved (Because she stalked her FB page and asked how she got results after years of failing). Along with 3 other ladies…

We all decided to take a trip to the an island together. A TC2.0 Trip. And it worked. Because everyone was mutual friends or family.

Whats trending in S-curve world right now?


S-curve workout shenanigans


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