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Buzzers… Pre-hump day already…

The long weekend is over. And I’m back into the groove of operating 100% in S-curve world.

And one of the things that I make sure to do, to have a successful week (Which means that you’ll have a successful week). Is to hit all of my Monday goals ‘exact’. Nothing skipped!

Because that way, you increase the odds of having a successful week. As you’ll naturally become more relaxed towards the weekend. Which is supposed to happen. And is ‘encouraged behaviour’ within the S-curve formula.

That was one blueprint tip. And we’re going to have more shortly, as I’m preparing everyone for fall season 2017 S-curve shenanigans.

But first…

To explain today’s headline…

I’ve recently highlighted the fact, that what goes on in S-curve world, is 35% nutrition/workout stuff and 65% ‘life’ stuff.

And it’s easy for me to gauge the reality of those percentages. Just by looking at what goes on in the 121 member chats.

And the #1 reason (Out of the many other ‘almost #1’ reasons) of why the S-curve experience is structured the way it is (Over the long term). Is to get you through those hard times @ ‘life’.

– When Monday hits and everyone around you has s*** ‘positive energy’ levels/vibes.  Except for us… In the 121 chats.

– When you have that ‘time of the month’ and need some live coaching moments to deal with your hissy fit moments.

– When you get sick and it feels like the world is ending around you.

So like I said the other week. Some members don’t even care about the S-curve formula details (And they shouldn’t, as they don’t need to).

All they care about, is having a trusted source to turn to, to help carry them through @ the stuff

mentioned above.

So… If you have been failing @ body and life. Then that should be one of the main reasons to start @ fixing your ‘life’ shenanigans.

And yes… Even I have my trusted sources to turn to for stuff. And it’s a fortunate thing, that I can be a  person to introduce you to the S-curve formula fix.

Blueprint tips continued…

#2 I don’t talk about the ‘scientifics’ and specifics of why the stuff inside the S-curve formula works. As you don’t really need to know. YOU… Just need to feel the positive out come of it.

But in terms of lower body exercises… You have vertical and horizontal exercises (In short).

The vertical ones hit your legs more and the horizontal ones hit your butt area more. However, sometimes… The vertical ones can cause pain in your knees.

The solution that we use to fix that, is by…

– Varying your exercises weekly.
– Putting you through a solid exercise and strength progression process.
– Changing your routine every 4-6 weeks (Another one of those many reasons why you need to go long
term @ > yesterday’s newsletter).

But one other way… Is to do vertical exercises that cause less pain. It’s a short list… But some of them =

– Dumbbell/Kettlebell swings (All variations)
– High tension standing lunges
– Calf raises with your knees slightly bent

#3 Some food combos from the new official food lists coming to S-curve (active) member pages…

How to spice up bland A-rated foods

– Lamb + Mint sauce.
– Oats + Casein (Which might be a useful thing for you, if you hate drinking casein on it’s own).
– Fresh brown bread with raisins inside (Which also acts as a great day time snack. Especially if we’re

cutting your evening carbs during one of our 4-6 week phases).
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