The S-curve Xperience ‘August 4th’ (Recapo)

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Let’s get right into it…

– The S-curve, is no longer about a program that helps you create a physique, that gives your body the appearance of the letter ‘S’, when you turn your body to the left (Or right).

It’s now about the entire Xperience.

The (Our) online posts. YOUR daily life.

And there are things that you can get involved in/buy. That will improve your Xperience, during your time here.


– All things related on the food and supplements page

– The items page

– The main S-curve program that started it all

And more recently…

– We’ve become a platform for other businesses/products to get involved in the Xperience.

We’ve become a place for you to earn a living, via the partner program. As detailed in these 2 posts > here and > here.

We need these quick recaps… To keep you on track on where we are at. And to keep you in the loop.

Because as usual… Everything that ends up here. Comes from the conversations and offline meet ups that go on. With you and the new people who enter S-curve world.

Like this happy lady…

Ya… It means you should be following the ’stories’, if you already aren;t doing so.

To conclude

To end our recap… The 2 newsletters/epic blog posts of the week…

Tuesday – >

Thursday – >

The latest


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