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Buzzers… TGIF…

We’re going to look back at some blueprint tips today. As a constant reminder. Since I know you don’t
remember them all, the way that I do.
And you’re not supposed to. The whole point of becoming an official S-curve member, is to take a big load off of your plate @ achieving the body and living this lifestyle successfully.
But before we do… Let’s visit another elephant in the room.
‘Soft lean’
Almost every regular woman I meet. Does NOT want to look any MORE leaner than > this (She does fitness contests. So HER body can get leaner than that even).
But they don’t want to be fat either (belly, arms, zero muffin top).
And of course… Keeping your natural boobs is a goal too. Which won’t happen… If you get as lean as she is
in that pic.
So… Enter: ‘Soft lean’
Even I myself am ‘soft lean’ now. And have ‘body type changing’ issues too.
If you watch the 2011-14 videos via More buzz. You’ll notice that I’m almost totally lean. Not skinny. But lean.
Then from around 2014 onwards (When the membership came onto the scene). I started to use the S-curve
formula (Before it became that) on myself.
Looking at all of my FB photos since then… You’ll see that I’m still lean, yet bulky. It’s muscle… With a moderate layer of fat on top.
If you are totally lean, you can’t have those extra muscle lumps, that sit on your hips, core, upper back, thighs and butt.
– Going A-C rated instead of just A-rated.
– Embracing cheat snacking instead of banning all D-F rated foods completely.
– S-curve workout shenanigans
That’s how you achieve ‘soft lean’.
So it’s ‘soft lean’ FTW.
> From the back.
> From the front.
Reminder blueprint tips 
#1 Pushing for super fast results?Then your Monday to Wednesday workouts will always be the most difficult, via 121 coaching + member page. To then doing easier workouts, towards the end of the week.

We’ll usually fully embrace nutrition focused weekends at this point too. That’s where we do nothing but, sleep and eat perfect-curvishly. Which is what I do every weekend without fail.

I’m currently at stage 4. Along with so many other past > stage 3 members.

That’s where’s we NEED you to be… Eventually.

And remember… Everything you do, is designed to make you feel re-energised. Because there’s no way you
can have fun with the rest of the S-curve experience, if you are energy zapped.
#2 Best activities for HIIT cardio = Swimming, badminton, cycling, boxing.
Any activity is good for it. As long as you’re moving 1 minute fast > 1 minute slow, for 15-20 minutes at a time.

#3 Take an entire week off from working out and ‘working’. At least 4 times a year.

During these week. Make sure you…

– Take a TC2.0 trip
– Sleep 7-10 hours every night
– Eat perfect-curvishly everyday

And make sure you take a selfie/belfie before that week begins.

I’ll just wait for you to send me ‘that’ before and after pic @ S-curve formula shenanigans.

#4 The new official foods list (That you get on stage 3) has 6 lists within it. All of which serve a specific purpose (It helps to end confusion, when it comes to understanding ‘food’).

One of the things we focus on, is foods that make you feel full.

This helps to keep hunger pains away. Which prevents you from cheat snacking on D-F rated foods (Cheesecake) in excessive amounts.

Some great A-C rated options for this =

– Bananas
– Pineapple

– Dumplins (Boiled… But fried sometime @ tasty)
– Casein
It’s Friday… So I know you’re not going to read or consume any more of this s*** ‘today’. And this list is truly  endless. So I’ll stop right there.
@fitbuzz social media profiles… Come on over and join in on the fun.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).
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