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People of S-curve world…
That’s where the magic exists in S-curve world today.
That is…
The relationship and conversations that you have, with the people that you intend to serve and connect with.
Because once you do focus on that… You’ll always know which direction to move forward in.
How do i know?
Because it’s all I’ve personally focused on, over the past 11 years. Right here on

Building relationships

Quite simply… 
Have a lot of genuine/natural conversations.
When you do that… You’ll connect with people when they’re in their natural element. When they’re the most comfortable.
When they feel that way with you, they’ll share what’s really in their heart.
At which point… You can serve them solutions, that they’ll happily pay for.
They’ll pull out debit/credit cards to pay for things.
All of that… Has nothing to do with ‘selling’.
And all of that… Is the essence and energy that exists within the S-curve Partner Program.
Now… When you’re active inside the SPP. You don’t necessarily need a plan of action in there. You just need to exist.
Natural events will happen, that will lead you to where you need and want to be.
This is why I preached my ‘meet 1-5 new people daily’ mantra, before the coronavirus hit.
Because whenever I did that… It lead to magic.
Not all the time. But way more often, than if I didn’t do that.
You’ll definitely want to be focusing on relationships and conversations with people ‘today’. As we’re living in a time of uncertainty. 
For many people, they don’t know what they want or where to turn to, or what direction to go in.
– Jobs have been lost
– Careers have been shattered
– Divorces have been on the rise
If you watch the TV show ‘The Flash’ 
What happened there, in the first 2 episodes, starting in January 2020. Is exactly what you’re seeing in the real world, today.
In short… The entire universe hit the reset button.
No one knew what to do in the beginning, as everything they knew, had changed.
In today’s real world… YOU… Connecting with the people of the world, might help them with what to do next.
And you’ll 100% want to be connecting and having a connection with them.
Because it’s how you’ll get them to choose you and your business, when they start to figure things out. In regards to what they want and where they want to go.
Because they’ll know that YOU know, what their issues are.
So you see… Nothing to do with ‘selling’.

This is one reason why we started to embrace and focus on the S-curve Partner Program.

Because at first… We did so, to fight against saturation of markets. Online and offline.
This was official… Around December 2019.
3 months later (March 2020). A pandemic heightened the need for it’s existence.
– Securing an income stream for those involved.
– Partnering up with businesses that might offer solutions to problems you’re facing/about to face.
Having the SPP in place…
– Allows everyone who follows, to figure out what they NEED to buy into.
– Allows businesses to establish a solid part of their audience, who really need what they have to offer.
And we’re consistently making that a reality for more and more people, as we grow into the new economy.

All you need is the right people…

Your followers and website hits don’t mean SH*T… But this DOES!
You don’t need a lot of followers or likes on social media.
That stuff will help you get found/bring awareness to you. But it doesn’t guarantee that you’l find people who are the ‘right fit’ for YOU.
It’s a bit like when email marketing was ‘hot’.
– You had businesses/individuals that had a list of 100k people
– You had businesses/individuals that had a list of 500 people
And more often than not. The businesses/individuals with 500-1000 people, made more money.
Because they had more of the right people, who are the right fit. AND… A better connection/relationship with those people.
And yes… That was 100% ME… From 2009 to 2017.
And a lot of those people have now joined our new private Facebook group, because of what we collectively did together, during those years.
Facebook group
All of that… Is why you have ‘popular’ people, who are still single.
They haven’t found a person who is ‘the right fit’ for THEM.
Our goal… Is to continue to grow into a platform, that hosts ‘the right fit’ ONLY.
Which is why some people won’t be accepted, as > SPP individuals.
Nice people they are… Yes. But not the right fit for us.
So if WE find you and post you. Understand, that we deem YOU as the right fit.
You just got a free ‘boost’ from being so :D.

To conclude

We work with more businesses today, than in years past.
One reason, is because we are constantly evolving into our own unique platform.
Aka the S-curve Xperience.
It’s everything that you consume via all of our channels. Including posts like this, that you’re reading/watching right here and now.
And so… It’s our job to help these businesses/Individuals starting businesses. Based on all of our own experiences. 
Relationships… Conversations…
If you are in business. Or are serving people…
It’s what you should already been doing.
That’s how YOU become the best choice for THEM.
In this new world right now…
Become a person/entity for the people.
That.. Is the plan.
You do that… And your future will be successfully written for you. Even though you have no idea what that looks like ‘today’.
Again… We know this. Because it’s EXACTLY what we’ve done, since 2009.

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