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S-curve Xperience folk/folkerinas…
So… In this post…
The supplements that didn’t make our ‘protocol’ list (Nutrient/Food boosters) 
We highlighted our official food types list
#1 Tasty A rated foods   
#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods
#3 – Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type 
#4 – Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type 
#5 Foods that keep you feeling full 
#6 The restaurant foods/recipes that we find on our travels
#7 Tasty A rated cheat snacks   
Which is what we’ve always used inside the main S-curve member program.
Doing so… Helps ‘us’ give YOU a deeper understanding of ‘food’.
Remember what I said in this post…
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money…
About how being deeper involved makes you ‘win’?
Well… That’s what’s going on above.
It all starts and continues in the > 121 chats. So be sure to initiate ‘that’!


Because it is holiday season. And because you’re probably shopping around more than usual.
I thought it would be fun to put some parts of the Official Food Types List, into practice.
We did once do a super market walkthrough video. Walking you through the > protocol S-curve meal structure.
That video has disappeared unfortunately. But we will create another one.
However… We do still have the ‘aftermath’ video. Of some of the things we did after that food shopping trip :D.
But for this post… We’ll go digital with text and pictures (For now_. As we have the largest supermarket in the world, available to us at the click of a button.
I am of course, talking about Amazon.
Also… This gives us an opportunity to play around with the following > S-curve Xperience rule
Because just like what has be said on > this items list page
It’s not really about the actual product that you buy.
It’s more about the product ‘type’.
Because you’re on the right path, once you have the right product type. And all you need to do at any given time when shopping. Is narrow down your searches, to that product type.
With our most recent examples being the ‘compact powerbank’
> Option one
> Option two
And we’ll keep on searching for the best ‘compact powerbank’. As it’s an ideal item to have, in regards to this part of the Xperience…
Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (An EPIC explanation)

The experiment

So… The following list, is going to be consistently updated from this day onwards.
It will contain different foods and supplements, that fit each list. All of which can be bought from…
– Our > Amazon influencer page
– Our > supplement partners
– Miscellaneous… Yet specific stores 
Let’s get started…
#1 Tasty A-rated foods   
Raisin bread
Raisin bread
#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods
#3 – Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type 
Wild rice
Wild rice
#4 – Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type (Bulgar wheat)
Bulgar wheat
Bulgar wheat
#5 Foods that keep you feeling full 
#6 The restaurant foods/recipes that we find on our travels
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Yes… Sugar cane juice could be in the A-rated cheat snacks list below.
But whenever I tried it (And fell in love with it). It was at a restaurant/food kiosk. With may favorite experience, being in Egypt in 2007!
#7 Tasty A rated cheat snacks   
Frozen grapes
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Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Now… You may have noticed that I haven’t put any descriptions or explanations above.

Because the reason why S-curve members succeed. Is because everyone is following a plan, that’s crafted for them. And them ONLY!
In regards to why there nothing explained above?
It’s because as an S-curve member. All you do… Is follow what’s given to you.
– We give you the S-curve workouts you should be doing (Newly or pre-recorded videos).
– We tell you what foods to eat on your 4-6 week plan (We work in 4-6 week periods). Some time after our first 121 coaching chat sessions.
Which means that you don’t need to figure out what to do with ANY food or supplement, that ends up on the list above.
Tis the S-curve Xperience. Which means living your best life, in your best body, with your favorite people.
And it will indeed become more fun… After your initial 1-3 months (As a new S-curve member).
For us… That means making every part of the Xperience, enjoyable for YOU.
And so… Be prepared to simply show up. And just do what’s given to you :D.
Remember… If YOU find a food or supplement that you think should be included above… Send us a DM.
It’ll get listed.
And if you want to start finding them on your own. Simply make reading food labels a habit (Which happens when you become an S-curve member)
Also… If you become an > S-curve member partner
Then this post can be listed on your link tree. And of course, you can potentially benefit from that.

The latest

Because in 2020… Just like nutrition shenanigans. You gotta get the kids embracing the internet ‘correctly’ from young!

Digital detox
Digital detox
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