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People of S-curve world…
We rarely do posts like this.
Most of the time… Things are naturally mentioned as we live out our daily lives via the S-curve Xperience.
Some people will follow… Become hardcore fans. But not know what to buy into. And will ask us questions like this…
FB messenger
Note: She turned out to be a ‘little bit’ weird. But still… We must sometimes make things extra clear.
If you’re one of those people… Then everything you see in todays post, is for YOU.
Let’s dig in…
Products that you should get into….

‘Double down’ on supplements that contain premium ingredients

Right now… As mentioned in this post…
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
Even with that set up… And our help, with the new S-curve Survive and Thrive program.
It’s still more of a challenge to trigger your muscles to activate and grow… With home workouts, compared to gym workouts.
And the issue right now is…
1. You’ll probably end up doing less gym workouts… Even when they open
2. You might not want to be in a germ infested gym, touching shared equipment.
Note: Building an advanced personal gym (Post coming soon)
Like this…
Is the solution…
But won’t be a solution that many will be able to apply.
And so… We need to get resourceful with what we do have. And that is…
With food and supplements
1. We have Top Chef Meals (From the S-curve Partner Program).
Which is very handy. Espeally today. And we’re constantly scanning for similar services in other countries. In order to serve you all.
2. We have supplements.
A focus on supplements with premium ingredients. Because you’ll need that boost, more than ever before, without access to a complete gym.
Like the Hunter supplements range…
Hunter Burn
Hunter Burn
Or even this nootropics supplement…
Genius Consciousness – Nootropic Supplement
Genius Consciousness – Nootropic Supplement
Read this post too…
A Christmas day newsletter update (Ask me anything/S-curve supplements) 
All of the above combined, will ensure that you’ll maintain and enhance your S-curvish results. In this new normal world.
This is why we introduced the new Survive and Thrive program.
Because it’s a different vibe right now.
It’s become harder to remain mentality and physically ‘sound’.
And so… Our programming has reflected that change.
In fact… Let’s dig into the new S-curve Survive and Thrive program. As that’s a product/service that was 100% going to be listed today.

The S-curve Survive and Thrive program

– Hard sleep
– Hard exercise
– Hard nutrition
That’s what we MUST balance right now, as you all work, workout, live at home… At the same time!
It was the core motivation for creating this post..
Boost your immune system? Naaah… Instead… Do this…
All of that is actually easier to balance, if you’re staying at a home. That isn’t ‘boxed in’.
But that isn’t the reality for most people.
There was only a select number of people who were…
– Living in a luxurious-ish type of home…
– Living, working wherever they want… Due to earning a significant amount of their income, digitally/remotely.
Like Vitoria… Who quickly relocated to this place…
As the global lockdowns kicked in.
A trip… That instigated the introduction of the new…
Introducing: 2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips
– Living, working wherever they want… Due to earning a significant amount of their income, digitally/remotely
Was already a goal of ours.
To have more of you reaching that goal. Which is the core reason why the S-curve Partner Program exists.
And will continue to be for some time. Especially now. As The current way we’re all living, will likely remain this way for some time. Or at least a variation of what it’s like right now.
– Hard sleep
– Hard exercise
– Hard nutrition
Is what the Survive and Thrive program will help balance, as you all work, workout, live at home… At the same time!
A lot of what’s being taught inside… Is based on…
1. What I’ve personally always done… As I’ve been living, working, earning from anywhere/everywhere. Since 2013.
2. What’s being done today… In order to balance it all.
The later, is far more important. As there’s a lot more of you, who have now been thrown into this way of living.
And I’ll tell you now…
It’s all about following a hardcore system, in order to make working, working out and living at home… ‘Work’.
We still use principles from our existing > S-curve formula.
Yet… We still take a tailored approach, when it comes to helping YOU achieve success.
So if you’re having problems balancing all the above. Send a DM and jump in.
You can start the program here

$100 a month… Every month for 3 months

It’ll only last 3 months. As we don’t know what this ‘new normal’ life will evolve into, beyond that time frame.

Lean Bean

Lean Bean fat burner review
Lean Bean fat burner review
I guess you could call this one of our early unofficial S-curve Partner Program businesses.
Adding them to S-curve world… With this post…
Leanbean Fat burner review from the folks at Stay-Fit Bug
Fast forward to 2020… And they are STILL the most popular fat burner for women, in S-curve world.
And just like the other supplement partnerships we’ve created since 2013…
Zero refunds!
Which is typically what happens, when you start to focus on making everything in your world… ‘Higher-end’.
Which is the back bone of our existence today.
S-curve Xperience = Living the best variation of your current day life
You simply level up all parts of it.
Because when you do… Pandemics like COVID-19, will effect you ‘less’.
It’s why we barely got stressed, when the global lockdowns kicked into gear.
Because we were CONSTANTLY building an S-curve platform… That defends you from the economic activities of the world.
Still a product to EASILY recommend to you. Because of a 3 year track record.

CV Sciences Inc

The benefits of using CBD related products, started to come to the forefront in full force, over the past few years.
We knew we wanted to partner with a company that offers them.
But just like any other partnership we’ve had…
It needed to be…
1. A good one (That YOU could trust).
2. One that was the right fit, within the S-curve Xperience.
And as of January 2020… That partner, has been CV Sciences Inc. Who own several CBD related businesses.
And so far, so good.
Everyone one of our S-curve world folks… Has only reported good things back, since added them to our S-curve Partner Program (Business) page.
CVSI - CV Sciences
CVSI – CV Sciences
Just dig around the Plus CBD Oil website.
Once you do… You’ll quickly learn why we partnered with them.
And of course… Why YOU will end up buying CBD related products from them.
As always… You can just jump into our DM’s, right here on this page… To ask us questions about what you see.

An easy-to-travel with exercise bench

 FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
FLYBIRD Adjustable Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable Bench
First mentioned in this post, just this week…
Building the perfect ‘simple’ home gym 
The reason why I keep highlighting it, is because it’s exactly what you’ll need in this ‘New normal’ world we have entered.
– It workouts out of the box!
– It’s compact
– It’s foldable and can be carried around
– It’s sturdy (Important… So that you can perform effective S-curve exercise variations properly)
A bench is a piece of equipment that opens up the doors, for you to perform unique exercise variations. Especially when you don’t have access to a gym. Which is A LOT of people, in this ‘New normal world’.
More importantly… You probably won’t want to go near a public gym for a while.
Which is why I created that ‘simple gym set up’ post in the first place.
Either way… It’s a hot product to add to your arsenal in S-curve world… In the ‘now’ 2020.

An easy-to-travel with exercise pull up bar

Foldable Pull Up Bar for Doorway
Foldable Pull Up Bar for Doorway
Again… Highlighted in the ‘Simple gym’ post from earlier in the week.
I’m not even going to talk on it.
Because you’ll buy it for the EXACT same reasons for buying the bench above.
Seriously… ALL the same reasons!

These face masks…

Man… Face masks!
These really are a big deal right now.
For me… I can’t even leave the house without one.
1. Security guards in the street stop you if you’re not wearing one.
2. You can’t walk into most establishments without one on.
3. The media have done a great job of scaring the sh*t out of everyone.
Which means… Everyone around you will look at you weird. If you don’t have one in your presence, in public.
Because of this… It’s only right that we add a face mask entity into the S-curve Xperience. Since we can’t live any kind of life without one.
And so…
Sub zero masks
Sub zero masks - Face mask - COVID-19
Sub zero masks – Face mask
For fashion and safety. But more towards fashion (New designs are added weekly).
Free Breaths
Free breaths Face mask - N95
Free breaths Face mask
Kit yourself out in full safety gear.
Use one for fashion (Sub zero masks) and stack your ‘Free Breaths’ face masks as your regular day-to-day masks.
A bit like when you own 2 cars. An everyday driver. And a special occasion car.

This bluetooth speaker (Or one like it)!

The Solar Bluetooth Speaker by Elzle

The Solar Bluetooth Speaker by Elzle
The Solar Bluetooth Speaker by Elzle
I haven’t listed one like this before. Being solar powered and all.
And as usual… In our world, we don’t focus on specific brands.
We focus on ‘item types’.
Which means… We’ll always be on the lookout for a bluetooth speaker that will enhance your life in some way.
You can dig into the Amazon page above, to read all the benefits.
But from me to you… And using this, during this pandemic #stayathome situation?
– Enjoy ‘sound’, without using electricity (Save money)
– Charge your mobile devices… Without using electricity (Save money)
– Insane battery life!
It’s THE perfect kind of speaker for the newly announced 2-4 week S-curve Xperience ‘Air time’ trips.
Especially when you start getting your S-curve workouts in.
Like in these moments…
The evolution of product/item types… Is why we continuously post about them.
Because it’s our job… To ensure that you are living the best variation of your current day life.
Great products help with that.
Especially ones that make life better during a pandemic/crashing economy.

Oh… And we’ll live this right here…

The Secura Electric Wine Opener

The Secura Electric Wine Opener

The Secura Electric Wine Opener


One of our favorite ‘long time’ items within S-curve world.


– Cheat snack weekends

– Another item to take with you on 2-4 week ‘Air time trips… Along with the items you see on > this list.

To conclude

I’ll probably create a sequel to this post in the months ahead. Because we’re always finding new and interesting products, creating new partnerships. And… Because we’re now living in a world that is unpredictable.
And it’s our job to keep you up-to-date… On the best way to live the best variation of your current day life!

The latest


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1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

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8. –  Binance

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10. – Curfew

11. – Dreamhost

12. – Post Affiliate Pro

13. – Ivacy

14. – Silver Fern Brand

15. – Top chef home delivery

16. – Manychat

17. – Raw Generation

18. – Sub Zero Masks

19. – Free Breaths

20. – Lean bean


1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
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