The @fitbuzz back story (How it all began – Circa 2009)

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It’s almost inevitable that I end up spending more personal time with S-curve members that have become success stories (Ya… I can guarantee a success story for every one that starts now. And if for some reason it doesn’t happen. You can decide the punishment).

Especially those whose families and friends have been impacted the most.

It truly is the best thing in the world.

And like I said in yesterday’s Q & A. It’s now protocol that you enjoy your free time and whatever you do with it.

That’s is… Living the lifestyle. And it’s what I did with S-curve members yesterday, along with some potential new FitBuzzers. Aka friends of new successful members who tagged along because they too, saw their friends results from postings on Facebook.

> This was the result of one person who came through via those postings.

This happens with both online and offline members. It’s all the same now, in this super connected world.

This happened with Yanis family some time back (Hall of fame). I use her as an example from time to time, because of the level of impact it had. Basically, her mum saw her results and went crazy in order to find out how she did it.

Anyway… It’s a great feeling. It’s great to repeat the feeling. So if you like to make your folks happy or simply want to reconnect with some old ones. Then start.

Your results will boost their ‘happiness’ levels in ways that you wouldn’t even imagine.

Picture this…


I had just come out of creating an ‘internet start up’ company. But the experience totally screwed up my physical and mental health.

I felt like I was a shadow of my former self. The way that I got back to my old self, was by starting

> this site.

And it worked.

7 years later, it’s still the most popular @fitbuzz ‘public’ website.

But before I started the site. I sat in a room and wrote down some big long term goals.

Here’s some of them…


– Create a product/service that people can’t afford to live without.

– For ‘members’ to become the face of @fitbuzz. Not me… Although it will start with me.

– A long term view


I wish I had taken a picture of those notes. I wrote it down with a big black pen and stuck it on the wall so that I could see it everyday.

It stayed on that wall for 5 years. And those goals, have all started to form.


– The main S-curve program improving year after year.

– For the focus to turn from ‘me’ to ‘we’. You the FitBuzzer, becoming the face of all things @fitbuzz.


Which is what the hall of fame is.

– The 1-5 year long term view, to become a reality. And then to encourage you to have a 1-5 year time frame on your own plans.

You’ve read all of the recent newsletters. So you can see what the outcome is.

To conclude

The focus was on training men in the beginning (We still do via some parts of > More buzz).

The women (You), the S-curve, epic butt/tiny waist. All of that I did not predict. Everything just evolved into that.

But hey, here we are. A specialized winning formula for women.

Happy Sunday (Literally).




One other goal was to ensure that my own personal life became the S-curve lifestyle that you see.

Because a lot of what you’re getting taught is what allowed me to succeed in the pre- @fitbuzz years.

The mental and spiritual stuff. Which is arguably more important than the physical stuff.

Add me on Facebook below to see it all in action.


– The progress pics
– The travel-curvish shenanigans
– The ‘enjoying the lifestyle’ moments

P.P.S Starting a 30 day S-curve trial takes preparation. You might not be ready for that.

And that’s why we have a zero intensive > tailored e-doc starter program that’s $10.

It was a big hit just before the summer months kicked in. So now that we’re back into season.

That might be the start you need right now.
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