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Buzzers… YOUR Saturday mornings > equals this and > this? (Undecided emoji face goes here…)

My weekend plans as laid out in yesterday’s newsletter, continues on today.

And hopefully… Some of you have some TC2.0 shenanigans going on. Maybe even just Travel-curvish (1-2 week) trips to places > like this… Since it’s summer now.

But let’s take a breather today, to dig into today’s headline.

The evolution of butt/buzz


Things have become more akin to real life in S-curve world. Just like how ‘offline’ life has spilled onto the


The internet used to be an entirely separate and secret world… That early adopters jumped into, to create.

It still is that… To some degree. And meeting people on a personal level (Not as a fan or follower) can still be weird sometimes.

But it has changed. Because now… Every single person is on the internet.

Everyone is using it in different ways. But everyone is ‘on’. And it’s not like before… When people would be on it, and be completely different people online, to how they are in person.

Now… They’re more ‘themselves’ (Especially since the rise of video).

For example… On Facebook… You would previously, randomly add people. And everyone would accept each other (Because it was more of a ‘secret world’).

That doesn’t happen as much any more. Because people have their personal connections on Facebook now. Most of whom, have fleshed out personal stats on their accounts.

So people would rather use Instagram now. To connect with random or ‘not so close’ people.

And now… You have algorithms controlling the way the world connects too. Some people don’t like this

(Although there are benefits to having algorithms in place).

And because of that… Folks would rather use Messenger to direct contact.

This is what’s driving most of you to not reply to emails anymore. Because it’s just too one sided… In an internet world, that’s become more of a reflection of the offline world, every single day.

People simply see through B.S (Or at least are starting to).

Yup… Social media has an element of ‘fake’ within it. And followers are quick to call out B.S, whenever they

see it.

This is one reason why we’ve become an S-curve experience.

Because it’s all about revealing what your actual daily life is like (Which is rarely perfect). And how elements

within the S-curve formula can help fix that.

Like… When you add ME on Facebook. You will see and know that…

– I’m currently in Singapore/SE Asia.
– I live in a ‘hub’.
– I regularly ‘come up for air’ on a roof top pool (Which I love every time). Although I try to make > This

happen as much as possible. Aka TC2.0.
– I embrace cheat snacks every single day.
– I meet a ton of new people every single week (See some regular ones too).To name a few…

All of which, is offline stuff, that’s happening in real time.

To conclude 

We all talk and respond to each other (In direct messages). The same way we would, face-to-face now.

I’m noticing this in…

– Every ‘business’ partnership email.
– Every FB page message.
– Every professional person that adds ME on Facebook (They still prefer to do the transaction stuff via email


‘That’ is also happening more in S-curve world too. Because we’ve been building up the trust levels for nearly a decade now.

So there’s a lot of past and current day ‘@fitbuzz stories’ floating around for the world to see.

Saturday concluded.

What it says down below…


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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