The difference between coaching men vs women

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The difference between coaching men vs women.

> Shred-curvish women

(‘Soft lean’, epic butt, tiny waist, turn to the left and see the letter ‘S’)

> Shred-curvish men (With epic lats and traps to match…)

Now… Before we get into this. I have to remind you that…

#1 We know how to get results @ becoming S-curvish. Mind and body fixing. It’s been proven > too many times, over the past 9 years (Even more so ‘privately’… In recent years @ these members have don’t want their pics out there publicly).

#2 The following, only relates to getting results within the S-curve lifestyle. Not outside of it.

Short description =

*Live the best version of your current day life

*Build the best body for YOU

> Become S-curvish

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire

> Improved daily lifestyle

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

So what differences are there @ The difference between coaching men vs women?

Prime male

This is something that we need to highlight… Since our new goal has evolved into this in the past 18 months…

– Was men at first

– Women focused only, since 2010

– Men and women since 2017

So… Let’s dig in and find out

#1 Nutrition

Coaching women 

– More emotional chat’ 121 coaching required

– Total daily calorie intake is on the lower end

Coaching men

– Women aren’t afraid to show their emotions. Men… Are. So when they arrive to us ‘broken’. They’ll usually have a long history of keeping up appearances (Mentally).

Until it starts to negatively show in their physical appearance.

So the goal here… Is to get men to start revealing their emotions.

Women of all ages tend to display the same level of public emotions. Whilst older men tend to do that… Easier than younger men.

121 coaching chats via Messenger apps is where this happens.

The fix tends to come easy and consistent, once the emotions have been let out of the bag.

– Total calorie intake tends to be higher

#2 The S-curve meal structure 

This doesn’t vary at all between men an women.

This is what the protocol S-curve meal structure looks like…


Carbs (Fast & slow digesting)
Protein (Fast & slow digesting)
Fats (Mono/poly-saturated)

Yup… You need all 5 at the start of the day.


Fast carbs spike your insulin (Fruit), which is 1 of 2 times of the day when it makes sense to do so

Slow carbs refeed you after a long fast (Sleep)

Slow proteins refeed you after a long fast and protect your S-curvish results throughout the day.

The fat helps to slow down digestion. It’s also 1 of 2 times of the day when you’re allowed to eat a lot fat. The other is lunch time.


Protein (Slow digesting)
Fat (Mono/poly-saturated)
Fibrous carbs (Leafy greens)
Slow carbs (Optional)

It’s all about keeping your body ticking over at this point in the day.
Go carb up if you get hungry.


Fruit, seeds and nuts

It’s all about keeping satiety at bay so that you don’t crave for ice-cream and the like… Natural tasty fruit and good fat nuts to slow digestion FTW.

Pre/Post workout

Fast protein and carbs

Simples… You need energy and protein… Quickly, to improve the effectiveness of an S-curve workout.


Slow protein
Slow carbs
Leafy greens

It’s time to feed the monster. Munch up for post workout gains. Munch up so that your gains are protected as you sleep.

Night food

Slow protein and some fat

…To protect your muscles as you sleep.

It changes when we start putting you through a > 1-12 month plan.

Factors include:

– Work hours
– Previous/Current day injuries or illnesses
– Allergies
– Foods that one cannot eat/Does not like to eat

– And many other individual factors. Which is why the model of the 12 month plan, has changed and evolved in recent years. As described on that link above.

#3 Motivation

Everyone needs motivation. In different aspects of our lives. Especially since it runs out, when a refill isn’t present.

For me… I seek that within the ‘business’ realm.

If you’re reading this… You most likely need it in the ‘fitness’ realm.

I don’t need that at all. As I am a shining example (Along with the successful members) of what living the S-curve experience looks like. Every single fudging day!

Note: ‘Fudge’ is our word for f**k.

Which makes me very qualified to coach you in this area. And the fact that I’ve been doing it successfully for women, since 2010 to present day.

Men and women

The formula for motivation here… Works universally.

We have…

#1 The daily newsletter
#2 The social media accounts

(Which you can see over on the right) check each box out.

Both are updated daily.

And all pics and videos… Motivate everyone to become members and start really winning @ body/mindset.

Or to get involved in other areas. Like…

Parter program and ‘business’ shenanigans within S-curve world

#4 Mindset

Women and men

There isn’t too much of a difference between the sexes here.

But I do notice that men tend to walk on their own more quickly, compared to women… Once they’ve been put back on the fit wagon.

The difference… Is in the level of results that one has achieved.

If results are below 60% S-curvish – More hand holding and 121 coaching chats required

If results are above 60% S-curvish – Less…

And of course… Over time… Everyone comes back for another injection from time to time. Because ‘life’ happens. And situations change.

And some situations can throw you off course.

Like… Some long term members changed jobs and the city they live in. Which means ones social circle does a complete 360.

And because they have a personal connection with S-curve world. And because we can do all of this from anywhere in the world.

They return to us. And get the fix that they need. Which is a combination of…

– Body
– Nutrition
– Mindset


#5 Workouts

The actual targeting of body parts stays the same, between both sexes. And the body type that is achieved, is similar too. Which is S-curvish.

– Turn your body to the left… See the letter S @vitoriagomes

– ‘Soft lean’
– Epic butt/Tiny waist

– But how we hit them, changes
– Which body parts we hit… Changes

Let’s dig in…


– Body parts = Toned and slim arms, epic butt, ‘soft lean’ abs, visible collar bone

– Target the butt… Whilst minimising activity on the quads.

– Hit the collar bone area… Whilst keeping boob shrinkage to a minimum.

– Less upper ab focus


Body parts = Lower legs, lats, shoulders, butt and quads

– Getting the lower abs to show, whilst maintaining a higher muscle mass on the upper body.

The S-curve formula does it’s magic. 121 coaching chats keep that magic working.

– Wether it’s a shred or bulk… This shit takes time, consistency, 121 coaching and LIVE update member page updates. It doesn’t matter of ones needs to shred or grow into an S-curve. The S-curve formula works on all body types.

The only thing that that works differently. Is how long it takes to get results. Based on the body type that one starts with on day one.

To conclude

This is a topic that has been covered throughout the daily newsletter over the years. But not in this level of detail.

And as you can see. There are indeed differences @ coaching men vs women, within the S-curve experience.

I had to get this out there… Because we have become an S-curve experience. Which means we now have an equal amount of men and women present, via all platforms.


The difference between coaching men vs women

And offline

The difference between coaching men vs women

So if you are reading this as a follower/subscriber or fan… You now know what the differences look like.

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