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Buzzers… > Suckday

Trust factor…

That is the biggest deciding factor… On wether you become an official member or not.

These days… Becoming member is optional, as there are other things you can get into, now that we are an S-curve experience.

But in terms of lifestyle, mindset and body fixing… It’s all about stages 1-4.

We’ve been doing this for a while now. And the one thing that keeps everything moving along… Is YOU. Especially those of you who have followed since 2011-ish.

Why you have followed?

I already know why…

– Because you’ll never hear crazy sh*t about me out there, in the world (There’s nothing to find either).

– We’ve been ‘going in’ 100%, every single day since the beginning (Check the newsletter archive frequency

@ how long we’ve been doing them daily).

– We bring people together.

– No one ever gets screwed over.

And that’s why we have such a solid member base. Offline and online. It always has been about giving you an experience that you don’t forget.

> Stage 1 might be the most popular stage right now. But those are all brand new members. Most of whom have come from FB Messenger and Instagram.

The real heart of the member base… Is the active/semi-active members from 3-5 years ago.

What we do here is for ‘life’!

– To look our youngest for our days on this Earth. And to feel it too.

So we’re constantly creating and introducing things that will help with that.

– TC2.0 trips
– The lifestyle/mindset fixing features on Stage 3
– Any of the premium supplements on More buzz

If you’re reading this… Then you already know about all of the above.

But every now and again. I just need to come out and state the obvious. Because as you’ll all know… Most folks in this world don’t have those values. And will just screw people over whenever they can.

Like… Stage 3 is great from a business stand point ‘for us’.

But not everyone needs to be on Stage 3. Which is why this year we’ve told you that…

– You could start Stage 1 and win on your own, without ever upgrading to stage 3 (One of these > experiments might be a better fit).

– Why we say that the only supplements you ‘need’ are whey and casein (Premium ones are introduced, due to the ingredient set up… Which is also what we do when we find new food sources from around the world).

So we just tell the truth.It’s impossible not to. Because you are also introducing us to your family and friends.


Hopefully… Our actions rub off on you. And that you yourself, quit any scumbag behaviour.

> RECAPO link for the week.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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