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Today I am introducing…

The Stay-Fit Bug Bodyweight Challenge

This is where I’ll introduce a unique or challenging bodyweight exercise, which for the challenged of you… should learn to master.

This is all in aid for the launch of Version 2.0 of the Stay-Fit Bug Unique Bodyweight Exercises Ebook

Which will contain,

  • New Exercises
  • New Equipment

And even more bodyweight exercises tips.

The best part about this launch is that it’s FREE. However, this will be the end of the current special offer price, so make sure you grab it NOW as the update will be free at this current price.

3rd of June is the launch date!

So get it now before that date passes you by.

Back to the challenge

We all know that bodyweight exercises are great for building REAL strength. Which is great. But taking your muscles to the next level is what it’s all about. You can always do this by adding resistance with weights, but today’s exercises is all about using leverage.


The Full Planche Push-up

This exercise may not impressive the pro athletes and bodybuilders of this world, but for everyday people like you and me, pulling off the planche will impress. And if you do manage to make it a regular exercise in your bodyweight workout routines… be proud! Because you’ll be one of very few.

As an athlete, I was able to perform these exercises with ease. I have tried them recently, but I can admit… I am a little rusty. Nevertheless, my memory serves me well and I can tell you from experience… these are tough. They will mainly work your shoulders, chest and wrists, but in reality, it will work your entire body. This is because of the progression and techniques involved in order to perform a FULL planche.

I personally can’t give you a visual representation of this exercise the way that I would like to at this moment in time, due to my build up of rust. But luckily, our good friends at have users who can.

As you can see, this exercise does look pretty insane and the guy in the video makes it look easy. But in order to get to that level, you must practice progression.

Here’s How

Frog Stand (Balance)

Hold the position for 60 seconds sets

Tuck Planche (Balance)

Hold the position for 60 seconds sets

Advanced Tuck Planche (Balance exercise)

Set your own progression

Tuck Planche Push ups (From the above position)

Set your own progression

The Full Planche Push-up

The Finale!

That is how each of the exercises look and that is the journey of progression to perform a full planche push.


The goal here is to fully condition your body for superior strength gains, and the journey of progression described here is proof that you don’t have to be a pro athlete to pull it off and start including it into your bodyweight workout routines.

It will take you several months to master for most of you, but believe me… it will be worthwhile.

But Shaun, you haven’t described Jack sh*t!

Correct, you’re just going to have to wait until June the 3rd for the real deal.


The bulk of my muscle has been built with bodyweight exercises (And weights assisted). This exercise is just the beginning of other goodies to come. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and familiarise yourself with the current bodyweight exercises. By the time June 3rd hit’s, you’ll be fully prepared for the bodyweight exercise onslaught which you see here.

See you in the comments.

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