The Bodybuilding ‘Pencil-neck’ Eraser Exercise

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If you are anything like me ‘A natural hard gainer’ or 6ft plus in height, It might just be that you suffer from having a long giraffe pencil-neck. If so then, and if you have decided to take up bodybuilding to help bulk it up a bit, then I know you have done or still are struggling to develop the ‘Bull-neck’ look.

Why Do You Want A Strong Neck?

Your neck is always on display

Like I stated in the tailor-made wardrobe post, your neck is one of the first things people will see when they meet you, and they will judge you by it. Your neck will alsobe visible in almost anything you wear, so it’s always going to be on show. Since that is the case, you will want to have a strong and powerful neck to show to the world, as a strong neck signals strength, power and determination to those you meet. (First impressions are everything!)

Withstand a blow

Having a strong neck will enable you to withstand a fatal blow, whether that be from a fight or when taking up a particular sport. It really is that serious. Having a strong neck will be the difference of whether you spend a few days resting or recovering, or whether you end up in hospital for treatment of a spinal injury when faced with a fatal blow to the head. From my own personal experience, building a stronger neck was the difference between me falling flat on my face or withstanding the weight and walking away when I helped lift a friend into my attic. It was actually quite frightnening. This guy was 14 stone of pure muscle, he accidently slipped while balancing on my shoulders and I lost my balance a little. But because I had been training at the gym (2 years at this point in my life), my neck had the advantage of bulking up from it’s previous pencil-neck form, and I was able to push back and withstand the force of his weight.

Protects your spine

If you want to avoid back problems in the future then start focusing on building up the muscles in your neck. I’ve seen grown men reduce to tears because of back problems they’ve faced, and I can tell you, it really isn’t a pretty sight. So do yourself a favour and take action.

Another issue which I know affects every single one of you is bad posture when sitting at the computer. This will put strain on your neck muscles and spine. But build a strong neck and you can beat the odds of back pain in the future.

The ‘Pencil-neck’ Eraser Exercise

Now, I’ve already shown you a few ways that you can build up your neck muscles here, even when you are at work. But here is one effective technique that you probably haven’t tried which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Nash rubber like a canine

  1. Go to your nearest bike store and buy a new bike tyre inner-tube
  2. As you get ready for your workout, stand on the floor on all fours (Like a dog)
  3. Place and hold one end of the inner-tube in one hand (or both)
  4. Place the other end in your mouth and grip it with your teeth
  5. Make sure you have a firm grip on both ends and make sure you have a good range of motion for the movement
  6. All you do now push your head back in a upwards/ backwards motion. Back down again and repeat.

You can workout the number of sets you wish to do by gauging your own strength levels. But perform this exercise once or twice a week for a few months and you will feel the difference in the look and feel of your neck.

Note: If you suffer from a history of neck injuries, I would highly advise that you visit a physician before performing any kind of neck exercise or training. The above information will without a doubt help you build a powerful neck, but if you don’t have the right foundation for doing so you could well be setting yourself up for injury, failure and set backs (Which I do not want. I can’t have my stayfitbuggers out of action now… can I? ;))

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