The Art of Building a Bigger Butt

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Firm mans buttBuild a firm ladies butt

The butt muscles, or gluteus muscles, are the most talked about muscle group over all others, and is often at the centre of media attention where women are concerned. Some women are naturally blessed with a big butt, but for many that is not the case, and it is something that many women strive for. It makes them feel sexier and boosts their confidence. The key thing to aim for is shape, as having a good shaped butt will make it look bigger. Building a big butt is also something that a man should aim for too.


  • Women find it attractive
  • Wear a better variety of clothes (confidently)
  • Wear belts for fashion, not just for fit (Ectomorphs… I feel your pain)

Now I have seen my fair share of butts, all types in fact, and they come in many variations.

Unfortunately we are not all born and blessed with a great butt, myself included, so I put together some of the key things that will lead you on your way to big butt victory.

You must target the butt specifically

Many of you will be familiar with most of the exercises listed below and might already be doing these in your workout routines, if so, and if you still have not yet achieved a nicely shaped butt, it’s probably because you are not targeting the butt muscles specifically. So this is for you too.

The Gluteus

Gluteus maximus

Gluteus medius

Gluteus minimus

The butt consists of 3 muscles

With the Gluteus maximus being the largest of the 3 and one of the largest muscles in the whole body.

Best butt exercises

There are a lot of exercises out there that can assist with building a nicely shaped butt, but these exercises are the best of them, and they will work the raw muscles in your butt to give you the best results.

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Stiff Legged Dead lifts
  • Leg Presses
  • Cable Glute extensions

There is nothing trivial or brand new about any of these exercises. But there are some small things you will need to add to your exercises to start targeting your ‘glutes’.

Squeeze your butt muscles

This is a technique where you let your mind target and activate your muscles. You must squeeze,

  • Every time you push up from a squat
  • Every time you stretch with your bodyweight
  • Every time you do any leg exercises

Doing this will make your butt work harder.

If that is something you cannot do, you can always find a steep hill to walk up, and with every step you take, squeeze. The day after you do this, you will find that sitting down is a whole new ball game.

Push with your heels

Instead of doing your exercises flat footed, stand on your heels. What this will do is send more tension towards your butt, making it work harder.


When doing lunges, do them with your heels on the edge of a stair or step platform. Place ONLY your heel on the surface and do the lunge from there. Do be careful when doing this, as there will be a decrease in balance.

Targeted butt workout method

The difference between this method and doing the normal exercises that I mentioned is that this technique will target and work your butt muscles harder than usual.

1) Choose exercises that work only the butt muscles (Isolation exercises – Glute extensions and glute pull ups)

2) Do as many reps as you can till you feel fatigue.

3) Take no rest period (I really do mean… NO REST PERIOD)

4) Choose exercises that work the whole body (compound exercises – Lunges, squats or Leg press)

5) Make sure you use heavy weights. Heavy enough for you to max out 8-12 reps per set.

6) When doing any of those 3 exercises, work one leg at a time. It may take longer but doing so will work your butt harder.


  • One-legged squats (left leg)
  • One-legged leg press (left leg)

Take a rest and do the same with your right leg.

The butt muscles generally take longer to recover than most muscles, so I would suggest that you focus on them with this technique only once or twice a week. After that, alternate the exercises so you don’t risk over working any muscles. To help speed up muscle recovery you could also add these foods to your diet,

  • Spinach
  • Pineapple and Papaya
  • Pasta with meat sauce
  • Chocolate milk
  • Green tea

There you have it ladies AND gentlemen. The real art of building your butt muscles. It is not entirely hard to achieve, but it will require work on your part. Follow this through and you will achieve the great butt that you know you deserve.

What butt exercises have worked for you?

See you in the comments.


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