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So… It’s old news, that we are now lifestyle.
S-curve Xperience = Lifestyle
Back in 2009… We started with ‘fitness’. And today. Fitness is just a part of the lifestyle that is… The S-curve Xperience.
But even back then…
A lot of the posts that were created in the first 2 years, hinted at a focus on ‘lifestyle’.
Posts like…
Should you smoke Marijuana if you workout? 
How to drink alcohol and workout effectively
Forget About The Gym! Play Rockband and Guitar Hero For Fitness
Why were those topics/posts created?
Because they are all topics that sit at the forefront of peoples minds.
They are activities that people regularly do… Outside of a 1-2 hour workout period.
Today… We are fully embracing those activities, via parts 2-4 of the > S-curve Xperience. And are able to showcase it all in a much better way. Now that technology has evolved.
Just like in these 2 most recent videos…
Which you would have seen in > Sundays newsletter.
Which leads me into the first thing that we’re buying/using/getting into.
All things to improve the quality of YOUR S-curve Xperience

Having fun with food and wine

Wine and cheese
Working with partners who deliver fun/interesting foods to your front door
All a part of the > S-curve partner program.
And when it comes to partners with established businesses… > This page.
The reason why… Is to help solve a problem that was a strong theme amongst a lot of working class people that I met in 2019.
People who are/were too busy to…
– Workout
– Change their lifestyle
These were people that are deep into their careers or have families to look after.
And they weren’t making excuses either. They were genuinely busy people. Physically (Long hours) and mentally (Drained).
These people enjoy the lifestyle that is, the S-curve Xperience (Even if on a smaller scale).
But dread the process of Becoming S-curvish.
New S-curve partner program member @termehkamali
New S-curve partner program member @termehkamali
Becoming S-curvish is a really easy process to start and continue. It just takes more interactions with them to get them to understand.
Because from the outside… It looks like a lot of work (To them).
Until they learn about reaching 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish and being initially happy with that…. With just 1-3 months of work.
One thing that can be done, in the process of making life easier. Is to get meals/food delivered to their/your home.
Not just A-C rated meals/foods. But all the > fun food shenanigans too.
Our first partner in this department?

Cellars Wine Club

Red Trio Wine Club Four Shipment Membership – $236.00
from: Cellars Wine Club

And good timing too. Because if you look at Sundays newsletter again. You can see that most people in S-curve world are embracing…
Eat whatever the fudge you want @ life beyond 60% ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish.
And just like I said in Sundays newsletter.
Today… People value ‘lifestyle’ over living in the gym 24/7.
Yesterday… I spoke with another follower/friend within S-curve world. 
El nido
And she just got back from El Nido, Palawan, in the Philippines.
(Scan that entire album)
That was my first visit there, back in 2015. When it was more of an untouched island with a lot less tourists.
Aka… An ideal > Travel-curvish 2.0 destination (Awesome/Less popular destinations).
And just like in Sundays newsletter. The big goal, is to enjoy wine (Or whatever the fudge else we want to eat/drink) on these trips.
The lady I spoke with above, is still buzzing from the awesomeness of the trip.
She isn’t well travelled yet. But is quickly realising that these are just 2-4 day trips. Which for most of us, will happen once a month at best (Which is OK).
Most of our time is spent in the city…
See: Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (An EPIC explanation)
Which is where we will be 70-80% of the time.
So it’s all about making life more awesome during that time.
We can’t always embrace a TC2.0 trip. But we can prepare for one. And have fun whilst we do.
And so… A wine club is one thing we’ve gotten into.
Just browse the website. Especially > this link.
Once there… You’ll see the different types of curated wine packages that will be sent to your front door on a monthly basis.
You can also apply our ‘buy and try’ mantra.
Which is what we do when buying supermarket foods and supplements.
Either way… Expect to see more fun food additions, within the S-curve Xperience.

CBD and vape stuff

CBD + Vaping shenanigans during 'Air time' moments @vicky__way
CBD + Vaping shenanigans during ‘Air time’ moments @vicky__way
I’ll tell you one main reason why…
I personally always walk past one specific shop. And it’s just a fun vibe, all around.
It’s not just offline either. Some of our S-curve partner program (individuals) are involved too.
And as of last month… We’ve partnered with an entity offers CBD/Vape related products.
3 places to look at at present:
–  + CBD oil (All CBD)
–  VaporFi (CBD but mostly vape)
–  Direct CBD (More CBD but still mostly vape)
We’ll talk more about this in a future post. But for now. Dig around.


Nootropics supplements
First… To highlight 2 previous posts..
It’s time to start ‘Braining’ out! 
A Christmas day newsletter update (Ask me anything/S-curve supplements)
Those posts will explain our involvement with this supplement type.
In short… There is an increased interest in food and supplements, that help us improve the quality of our lifestyle, outside of the the gym.
Just look around our social media posts. And the activities that our S-curve partners and peers are embracing…

#bikini-curvish #handstand moments #villahonegg #switzerland vitoriagomes #switzerlandnature #yoga

♬ original sound – shauntls

#jetski moments vitoriagomes #jetskichallenge #watersport #tiktokbrazil #frontflip #myootd #omgg

♬ original sound – shauntls

– More endurance
– Better focus
– Better sleep
– More ‘sharp’
That’s where supplements like nootropics come into play.
Just look at the Google trends chart above.
2012-13 was the height of physical fitness (At least in S-curve world).
A year later… I personally started to create the foundation of what is now, the S-curve Xperience. Starting with TC2.0 trips (My own trips… Like El Nido above in 2015).
So you can see how the timing of the change in trends, relates.
Supplements have always played a strong role in our word. especially when you use them, how we say to, on > this page.
And those supplement types will probably be here for a while.
But again… A focus this year. Is food and supplements. That make parts 2-4 of the S-curve Xperience, more awesome.

To conclude

Living in an awesome lifestyle (And the ability to) is trending hard right now.
And if you look at the conversation above (From last night). You’ll see exactly how we’re helping YOU live it up to the max.
Which = The best variation of your current day lifestyle.
Want to talk?
Send a message on this page via the Messenger box on the bottom right.
It will also auto subscribe you to the newsletter that goes out 3 times  a week.

The latest

More variations @ gym vs OOTD apparel
Born tough apparel
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