Staying Fit Without a Gym Membership – A How to Guide

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Have you been neglecting your workout? Can’t afford a gym membership? Don’t have access to one in your local area? Maybe you just hate weights, mats and standing in line at the water fountain.Whatever the reason, the experts at Train Fitness Birmingham say “you don’t have to let a lack of equipment get in the way of your health or fitness goals.” Jot down a few of Bugs’ Quick Tips, and slip on those short shorts, because here are four ways to help you stay fit wherever you are.


The Park, the Running Shoes

Wide green spaces, autumn leaves, dogs running about. Your local park is the perfect opportunity for fresh air and a good bout of exercise. Forget the treadmill. Pound those feet down the running track and nod hello to your fellow joggers whizzing by. Cardio is great for you, and logging one or two hours every couple of days can be the first one of the first steps towards a stronger, healthier body. Calorie lab breaks down just how much you can expect to burn if numbers are your thing, with input for weight and speed/activity to personalise your count. 5mph for 30 minutes? That’s an easy 238 calories, thanks very much. Runnersworld has a whole list of good podcasts if you find yourself bored while working up a sweat, and there’s no need to be self-conscious while you do so, even if you recently took a break from working out. In 2018, an estimated 64 million people of all fitness levels and sizes popped out for a jog.

Sit Down. Rest. Watch a Game, or Two

The park, the home, the morning commute – they’re all good ways to stay fit without access to a gym. But what can you do when motivation fails you? When one break day turns into three, and three into a week? Willpower is just as important a part of building and maintaining fitness as the actual exercise itself, after all. Well, something that might help is simply sitting your butt down and watching a bit more sport. It sounds strange, I know, but trust me. According to The Guardian, over 750,000 Brits took up sport following the 2012 London Olympics, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. When you’re surrounded by idols, competition and passion for exercise, it’ll start to rub off on you. Who do you look up to? Follow their progress if you’re in need of inspiration. Take Anthony Joshua, for example. He’s on the line to win Sporting Personality of the Year in 2019, following the likes of Andy Murray, Paula Radcliffe and Brad Wiggins, as Betway reports. This 249 lbs heavyweight star’s victories over Klitschko in the ring and endearing personality are enough to make anybody keen on sport and exercise again! If Joshua won’t do it for you, how about Serena Williams or Kevin Durant, whose defensive prowess was recently praised on ESPN?

A Quick Home Workout

There’s no excuse for failing to move, not really. A 2×2 meter space is all it takes. Just clear that coffee table and get ready to squat. A whole host of home workouts are available online, so finding one that suits you best is easy, and with enough experience, you’ll be able to pick, choose and personalise the exercises that suit you best, whether that’s working your core or building muscle. Click here to see a comprehensive calisthenics guide from AthleticMuscle.

Make sure you’re getting enough water, while you’re at it. 2 litres a day should do the trick. Added bonuses of the home workout include easy access to the shower and the ability to strip down if you start to overheat, so don’t hold back! A high intensity home circuit will get those muscles moving and burn up to 500 calories depending on weight and effort.


Tight on time? Not a problem. Consider swapping out the morning drive for a morning cycle ride. Have confidence in those spandex leggings while you crack out the old bicycle from the garage. It doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest model to do you some good, you know. All you need is a helmet, working brakes and basic knowledge of cycle safety. If one mile of cycling burns 60 calories an hour, a daily eight-mile commute home and back again could have you burning up to 1000 a day. That’s on the extreme end of things, obviously, but if you’re willing to commit a little extra time and effort around sunrise, this could be a quick and killer way to maintain fitness. Make sure to fuel up and replace that lost energy with a good breakfast beforehand, perhaps one that’s tailored to increase your metabolism, then get out and join the masses. According to Bikeleague, an estimated 4 billion journeys were made on the back of a bicycle in the US in 2014.

There you have it. Three ways to stay physically fit, and one to help your mental motivation. Stay strong. Stay on target, and your body will follow. Say bye-bye gym fees and hello health!

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