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And nothing is… In all reality.
Also…  No one values ‘free’. Which is why the real shit that helps YOU within S-curve world. Is NOT free.
Like in > Going deeper. Where 121 coaching happens. And everyday, you are teased into those chats. Because we KNOW that is what will help you.

Your spouse… (For example)

If they are your spouse now. They was probably FAR from being that, in the beginning stages of your relationship.
You may have wanted them to be your spouse. But chances are. You had to spend time or money to make that happen. To make them YOUR spouse. And not anyone else’s.
And if they become anyone else’s with ease. Then they’re most likely not going to be a great spouse. Aka not valuable.
Even if it was love a 1st site. You’d still have to work to get them.
One reason why it is hard to get them = Trust
That’s what makes it hard for US to get YOU. You need to trust us. And just like getting a valuable spouse… Trust takes time. Not necessarily money.
But again… Shits not free. Usually time or money is required.
So if you’re here or anywhere. Never expect anything great, to be free. If there is, there’s always a catch.
Fortunately for you. In S-curve world. We’re completely open about everything that we do. What goes on. And what my own daily life looks like. Via stories and this album…
Heck… I’m constantly out meeting people. Usually in public places. Meeting people whilst working on my lap top. Like this…
Which usually gets people talking to me. Every time that I’m out.
And when they ask me what I do. I show them.
I show them Income streams (Actual income). The website. The social media profiles. My Facebook profile.
All totally open. Because since day 1 around ‘ere. Transparency is key.
All points after that. Requires time… Before they spend any money, within the S-curve Xperience.
So again… Shits not free. Neither for you or for me.
Tis the S-curve Xperience. And we get up to various things here. Like…
So just keep all of this in mind… In every situation that you’re in.
If someone helps you for free. You’ve already payed for it. Or they’ll expect you to pay (Like tips in a way).

Now… Let’s just talk about… The things that get talked about…

When we’re out meeting 1-5 people ‘near’ daily…
So… A woman that we’ve now stumbled upon twice now…
We show her the S-curve Xperience social media channels. And both times that she sees the posts… She ‘get’s it’.
– The ‘soft lean’
The S-curve
– The OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
– The Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans
Eating S-curvishly
But she did have one obvious question… Being a woman in her 40’s…
You see… She doesn’t look bad at all. She’s just lost her-curvish… Due to a recent ‘broken’ lifestyle. It’s happened to all of us at some point.
Yet… Becoming 90-100% S-curvish, for ‘appearance’ goals. Is not something that she would strive for ‘today’.
She ticks the box @ women who are aged 45-55… Who Become S-curvish, more so for health reasons.
And so… She pointed out women who were walking around us. Who were that age. Asking how we would approach their plans.
It’s the same as any other plan. We just structure the S-curve formula for the goal.

Another thing that we talked about…

And a reason why some women (Not men… You’ll see why in a sec) STILL start.
Is because they want to succeed in private. And to not workout in a public gym environment.
Which of course… WE are a perfect solution for…
– Just a mobile device needed
– An internet connection to stream/download videos and use chat apps
– Any open space to workout
That’s all what is needed, when someone decides to become an S-curve member.
A super simple formula. That allows you to live the S-curve Xperience the max.
Most of which… Looks like what you see in these videos…

To conclude

As usual. I’m bringing you everything, that’s being discussed, LIVE and in the moment.
But make sure YOU reply and talk too. Because what we talk about, will end up in these newsletters. Which will help others. But more importantly… YOU!
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