Should you smoke Marijuana if you workout?

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muscle building while working outMuscle building while smoking

If you are a current smoker of tobacco and are deciding to get really serious about working out and keeping fit, then the best thing to do would be to quit it all together. Most of us know the dangers of smoking, as the ads do a pretty good job of not hiding it. Unless you have been living under a rock and don’t know then here are the dangers of smoking tobacco:

  • Reduced oxygen to the muscles
  • Can cause lung cancer
  • Heart disease and strokes
  • Smoking causes fat deposits to narrow and block blood vessels, which leads to heart attack.
  • And others

Throughout all of my life I never have been a smoker so most of the above never did apply to me directly. But one thing that has always intrigued me over the years was what the affect of smoking marijuana has on people who work out, as there never has been a solid answer. I guess the reason why there is no solid answer could be the same reasons to why we don’t know why drinking alcohol affects some while not affecting others. Quite simply it affects different people in different ways.

Below I’ll outline two scenarios that I have become familiar with from meeting those who smoke marijuana and workout.

Scenario 1
I workout, smoke marijuana and I feel great!

This group of people tend to have very well developed bodies, are pretty sure of themselves and would smoke every other day of the week. They state that smoking:

Before a workout – Helps them to keep better form and concentrate on specific muscles more effectively.

After a work – They get a epinephrine high from the workout plus the high from the marijuana smoke, which leads to an overall better performance.

– Running or biking after smoking marijuana allows them to keep up excellent rhythm and push their selves harder than usual.

Scenario 2
I can’t workout and smoke marijuana. It makes me feel awful!

This group of people tend to be of slim to average build and would make statements such as:

– I wouldn’t recommend smoking while, before, or after working out, as I’ve done that twice and thrown up both times. It really is not a pleasant experience.

– If I smoke before I work out I get really lazy and cannot get motivated. Besides, smoking marijuana produces estrogen and by having that in your system you cannot get that solid muscle feel from working out that the non-smokers get.

After looking at both scenarios I guess we can conclude that smoking marijuana is just the same as working out and drinking alcohol (Alcohol and Exercising). If you smoke it and it makes you feel good with no ‘currently known’ side effects… STICK TO IT! If you smoke it and it makes you feel like crap, give up working out or QUIT IT!

And if you have other ‘issues’, then you could check out the best luxury drug treatment centers.

What are your experiences from smoking Marijuana while exercising or from those you know that have?

See you in the comments.

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2 Responses to “Should you smoke Marijuana if you workout?”
  1. Black Mamba says:

    I fit in the first scenario and I totally agree with everything you said about it. My only problem is that I feel like my chest’s growth is slowed down by my daily joint smoking. All the other parts of my body have developed significantly but the middle part of my chest seems to have grown less. It might be my natural shape or the workout I do (or don’t do) but I tend to think it’s the Mary Jane…

  2. Shaun says:


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