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In recent weeks I’ve presented various ways in which you can go about exploding muscles to look like this guy,

Well, you probably won’t get as big as him… he is a super hero after all. However, before you even decide on trying to take your muscles to the next level, you will  have to put some things in place before doing so. You will need to prepare!

Fail to plan… then plan to fail.

Cliche yes! But the fact still remains.

That is why I’m going to start you on a journey of how you can prepare for the exercise techniques that you have become aware of in recent weeks. Somethings you may already be doing, somethings you may not. What ever the case is, I’m going to set some guidelines for you to follow. You can fill in your own gaps.

Protect Your Hands

Prevent Calluses

Unless you want to be Mr crocodile hands, then you will take the time out to protect your hands. It’s not cool to shake peoples hands, while unintentionally yet unavoidably scaring them with yours. It’s not cool to stroke your hands over your girlfriends smooth skinned body, that she has taken time to perfect just to feel your crocodile roughness. But more importantly it is not cool bash your hands up.


Doing so will

  • Decrease your ability to grip raw metal bars well
  • Decrease the number of reps that you can perform
  • Give you calluses and blisters
  • Cause unnecessary pain

Once you suffer from all of the above, there is no way that you can take your bodybuilding to the next level. Shock body exercises simply will not work for you.

Some guys may act all macho and act like this doesn’t affect them. I say F**k ’em. Don’t follow those leaders. Whether you are a human brick or a budding hard gainer success story, your aim should be to maintain baby smooth Fairy Liquid hands.

How To Protect Your Hands


If you are on a budget then this is the way to go to protect your hands.

  • Grab two thick rubber bands
  • Two thick sponges
  • Tie a sponge to each hand with the rubber band
  • And you are good to go

This is really a temporary solution, but if you do decide to do this for the long term for what ever reason, then I would suggest to stack up on the sponges. They’ll fade away to nothing in no time, especially after a few washes.


I could have chosen any old pair of gloves, but from my own personal experiences, many of the gloves on the market are crap. You wear them, they tear apart easily and some don’t even help prevent callouses.

So I have chosen two pairs of gloves. Both have their pro’s and cons, but both are effective for their purpose.


The palm protectors

I call these the palm protectors because that is the stand out benefit that you will get when using these.

The Pro’s

  • Protects palms and fingers well
  • Keeps hands ventilated
  • Good grip on weightlifting equipment with rubber grips
  • Prevents germs
  • Nice on price


  • Wrist straps may get sweaty
  • Not enough padding
  • May be slippery when lifting cast iron free weights

Harbinger Training Grip Gloves

The padders

I’m calling these gloves padders because that is the key benefit of using these.


  • Good grip on weightlifting equipment without rubber grips
  • More durable than most gloves


  • Takes time to get used to the extra padding
  • Padding may get in the way when using weights/ machines with rubber grips

The End Results

Perform more reps without,

  • Grip fatigue
  • Calluses
  • Sore hands
  • Wrist ache

And no more picking up germs from others.

See you in the comments.

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