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Buzzers… Thursday…

The > Travel-curvish part of the S-curve experience, is moving beyond the growth phase, within S-curve

world at present.

And rightfully so. Because it is THE best part of all this.

And I try to take as many trips as possible. So that I can show you with my own eyes… And not just through the eyes of partners/associates.

The bodies are nice. It’s a great thing that the human body makes possible @ shape shifting.

But body imagery aside… Everyone is here because of ‘heart felt’ issues. Not just the fun and sexy stuff.

And that’s why the overall message is appreciated. And is ultimately the reason why FitBuzzers become S-curve members.

Just take a look through the > chat session topics to see what I mean.

It’s become a ‘random’ S-curve member day today…

Stages 1-4

You already know that, ‘that is’ the S-curve formula. Which will never change and only improve. But most members who start today, aren’t starting from those pages (Like the link above).

Folks will just message first on the FB page. And just get a tailored payment link. Usually for around $150-300 to ‘start’.

But today… I want to get some of you in as random ‘zero risk to you’ members. And get you started on a LIVE update member page via the > new stage 1 @ $20.

Because if you do. YOU are probably a newsletter reader who wouldn’t usually become a member.

And you’ll probably surprise yourself @ what you’ll actually achieve. From becoming a member. ‘Just because’.

For the rest of you who that doesn’t apply to. Everything else within this experience, exists on > Morebuzz. So dig in to see what other goodies you can find on there, outside of stages 1-4.

Back to Travel-curvish 

One thing I have learned over the years, from being active in this area. Is that you must be aware of world events, when doing TC/TC2.0 trips.

– Volcanos erupting
– Shark attack zones
– Typhoons and hurricanes (We’re in that season at present @ countries close to the equator)
– How to not get ripped off as a ‘foreigner’ when entering certain countries

So just like how we come back down to earth @ revealing the truth about becoming S-curvish.

We must also do the same with Travel-curvish. Because even those perfect looking locations have their issues.

That stuff below. Go to it/do it.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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