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This page…
Amazon influencer
Amazon introduced the > influencer page to the masses, in 2018.
It’s cool and all. And we’ve been recommending and earning from product  recommendations (S-curve partner program members… You can/should do this too), since 2009. When all of this began.
I guess it’s just one place to make it easy to see some of those recommendations.
I talk about ‘product types’, later in this post.
Which is a better approach than looking at one product, as the be all and end all. Because a lot of time, a product is not. And if it is… It won’t be for long. As products evolve.
Even with our own > S-curve program. The initial program was a hot thing in 2012. But not so much in 2019. Because it evolved… To stay ahead of your needs and wants.
With that being said. Today… I’m going to highlight some of the products that you should absolutely have from that list.
Remember… It’s more about the product type. So just like I did with > this list. It’s common sense to browse around and compare (Although I have done most of that work for you… On that list at least :D).

1. The solar powered bank

solar powered bank
It previously ended up in > this post..
But it wins over the other types of power bank that you see there. Simply because of it’s ability to recharge with natural daylight.
I haven’t owned one of these. But I’ve been in the presence of one, when in the company of other people.
This is when we’re just living out > daily life as the norm.
The reason why it’s ended up on this list. Is because it saves everyones asses.
Finding a public electric outlet isn’t always possible.
Like… There are instances when I’ve been stuck in traffic. 
– Everyone has a smart phone
– Everyone has wifi
Boredom naturally sets in. At which point, it’s time to open some apps and unintentionally kill some battery life.
It’s moments like these, when a solar powered power bank keeps everyone connected, entertained and happy.
And by the end of the day… You quickly realise that this power bank has become a protocol accessory.
… That your day would have ‘sucked more’ had in not been there.
Most people in S-curve world are busy adults. Which means things get forgotten about, unless you have > ‘help’ on your hands.
Which means we usually leave our destinations with partly charged devices.
Using this power bank types solves that issue. And so… To this list it has made.

2. Whey, casein and a blender

Let’s start with the > bender. Because…
1. We’ve never talked about using one… Since it’s a pretty common product.
2. Whey and casein get talked about ALL time time in S-curve world (But belongs on this list).
There are a lot of different types of blenders out there.
This is one of those products that NEEDS a ‘product type’ focus. Because of all the different options available to you.
So you can dig into the one from the items list above. Or you can browse around on your own.
It made it to the list. Simply because you need one.
– We do SO much… In regards to nutrition
– Having one allows you to ‘fast test’ food/supplement combinations
– It saves you a lot of time
This is mostly targeted at those who become S-curve members. Because most of what we do today, in regards to achieving physical results. Is live in the > 121 chats… Talking about food.
And once we do… You’re going to find yourself lusting for a blender, if you don’t already have one.
> Whey and > casein
These are the protocol supplements. And you need these in your kitchen, if your goal see noticeable results, after failing miserably trying to achieve that with your past efforts.
You can read about how we use both here…

3. Ankle weights and a dumbbell set

Yes… You absolutely must have these. And you will only have to buy > iron plate dumbbells ONCE. As they last forever (The one that you see me use in the early S-curve workout videos, was purchased in 1998)!
Now… This relates back to the previous newsletter to this one…
Revisiting the 3 mandatory S-curve workouts for 2020 
You’ll need these items for Tailored Daily Exercise videos and the S-curve bodyweight circuits.
Everything from the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ list is worth having. They’re all useful and needed.
But when it comes to triggering results and keeping them over time. Then you must have these two items at home. Ideally in the room where you spend most of your time.
You’ll want to buy a ‘set’ of each one too.
Like… You’ll quickly breeze through the S-curve strength progression module, when using 2-3kg ankle weights.
A which point… It’ll be time to move onto 4-6kg weights.
The men in S-curve world might need to lift beyond that. But most women will struggle to move beyond 6kg.
With a dumbbell set. You have the option to add weight over time.
Either way… You need to ‘set’ up.

List conclusion

I’ll add more to this list over time. So it’ll be a good idea to bookmark it.
You’ll be notified via the newsletters. So subscribe to everything on this page.

Something interesting to try…

We recently added the following 2 supplements to our ‘test list’. Which is a list that YOU should absolutely create too.
> Naked whey
> Ultima replenisher
1. Because it says so in the > S-curve formula rules @ buy (In small amounts) and try.
2. Having fun with food is the no.1 thing that you’re going to be doing, long after you achieve 1-3-6-12 month S-curvish results (Which is highlighted in > this post).
Especially when you’re on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. As you’ll often stumble upon new food types, in the destinations that you visit.
For example…
And is a lot of fun with friends. Especially when you get up to ‘not really’ bikini-curvish shenanigans like… :D.
It’s ‘not really’… Because you don’t really ‘workout’ on trips like these. You just end up recording a few exercises for a few minutes. Because it ‘looks’ fun.
Consistently meeting and talking to people… 
Is something we always do, offline and online. And you are always encouraged to strike up conversations with us.
– We get to learn about your real issues
– We get to learn about your interests
All of that, helps the S-curve Xperience to evolve in the right way.
When it comes to food and supplement products. I usually travel around a lot to try things out for myself.
When in the city… I sometimes end up hitting new restaurants with new people I meet. Usually on the same day I meet them!
And I learn something new… Every single time. Wether that be food related or just general knowledge.
In the past.. I’ve put people onto…
– Vine leaves
– Fresh sugar cain juice (Still my favorite drink to this day… I first tried it in Egypt in 2007)
Xtend – They changed up the formula over time. But back in 2010… This became protocol use for those who were new to working out.
In fact… A lot of those individuals were fashion models. Whose bodies needed to remain ‘soft’, because of their job. But was interested in building an S-curve physique.
That’s also how the ‘soft lean’ concept came about. Which is still very much a part of today’s S-curve formula shenanigans. For both women AND men (Myself included).
Sometimes… We’ll put you onto product types, that you should absolutely get into. But then encourage you to consider or buy a different product of that product type. Simply because we know it’ll benefit you when used within the S-curve Xperience.
Especially if it’s an upgrade to the products that are currently/previously used. Which is what was done in > this post.
And today… The 3rd item that I’m adding to the test list.
CBD gummies
CBD gummies
This might be old news for some people. But it’s new for me. And a lot of S-curve world folk trust my opinion on things, based on how much I’ve helped them in the past.
I’ll create a ‘verdict’ page for all of these new ‘buy and trys’ soon.
If you have something in mind that you think could be an interesting addition. Just mention it. Most people do that via the chat box on this page. So do that…

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