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People… Tuesday…
We’re all living in a new world, as of March 17th 2020.
That’s old news now. And we’ll all probably remember that week, for a long time too. As we’ve never experienced a global lock down like that/this before.
And so… Today. We’re going to dig into the arena of S-curve workouts. And how that all looks in this new COVID-19 world.

Back story

I’ve already highlighted that… In this post…
THIS is why ‘I’ stopped creating public S-curve workout videos… 
But as of 2020. OUR S-curve workout shenanigans look like this…
S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’… Because of the feeling it brings when you’re wearing…
We do our S-curve workouts anywhere. Because we can.
In regular times… And where available… We embrace outdoor gyms.
It’s all about making S-curve workout shenanigans more fun than the norm. Along with everything else we get up to within the S-curve Xperience.
Today… There are workout videos everywhere
But… That’s not important.
Because there’s 30-50 restaurants on your high street. Yet… You only ever visit a few, regularly.
So… What is important… Is that you find the right workouts and formulas that are right for YOU.
And in our world. It’s so that you can trigger results, in order to look like this….
#Stayathome poolside shenanigans @liyaperez
#Stayathome poolside shenanigans @liyaperez
– ‘Soft lean’
– Epic butt
– Tiny waist
‘I’ used to create a lot of those public videos.
(All the ones from me… Have been private for S-curve members since 2014).
I now only do public videos like this…
Or videos that I record when I’m out in public, living the S-curve Xperience
The public videos… Are mostly for motivational purposes. And to represent what the S-curve Xperience looks like when being lived.
Not just from me… But from those who are living variations of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle.
S-curve workout videos = Our partners, associates and peers (All the videos you see above).
So… That’s how the S-curve workouts ‘work’ today.

We have to re-emphasis the focus on nutrition… Because of the mass attention on home workouts

The main reason why we saw an explosion of home workout videos one month ago. Is because…
– All of the public gyms across the world… Are closed
– Almost everyone in the world was instructed to stay at home
So yea… Perfect formula for a home workout explosion.
What we really should have been seeing. Is an explosion in home cooking shenanigans and meal ideas.
Because of course… ‘Food’ feeds the results that the S-curve workouts trigger.
Why we didn’t see that?
The same reason why ‘nutrition’ never was the image used to promote fitness activity. Back in the 80’s and 90’s.
Because it’s the workout that is instantly actionable.
You can just get up off your butt. And start doing them.
You can’t do that with food.
Yet… It’s the no.1 thing that will take your results over the edge.
Which is why 121 nutrition coaching remains no.1 in our world.
– For improved health
– For guaranteed S-curvish results
So let’s re-highlight how we’re doing that in S-curve world.

Our new S-curve Partner Program business – Top Chef Meals

Top chef meals - home delivery fresh cooked meals
Top Chef Meals
You can read the full intro post about them here…
Introducing: Top Chef Home Delivery (New S-curve Partner Program member)
In short…
– We now have a way for you to get restaurant quality (S-curve meal structure meals)… Delivered to your door step.
– Next day delivery (They’re flash frozen the night before).
– A source with a lot of meal/food variety available.
This is for all of you who don’t have time to prepare the quality S-curve meals… Consistently.
Which is required… In order to reach 60% S-curvish… And > Beyond.
Of course… There are food delivery services out there. That will deliver meals to your door.
And of course… Regular restaurant food delivery is always an option (And should remain so… For the fun factor – Read main post above/Or > this one).
– Fresh food and cooked
– A-C rated foods/meals… Cooked
– A lot of food/meal variety
The only way to truly achieve all 3… Is by cooking your own meals. Or by having a chef at home.
Both of which… Cost time and money.
And you’ll need to spend either one. When the goal is to look like this…
90-100% 'soft lean' S-curvishly perfect @lizholtz
90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvishly perfect @lizholtz
And so… That’s our solution for you.
And… We’ll continue to look for businesses around the world… That have the same attributes. So that everyone outside of the US… Can benefit from this.
Top chef home delivery
Top chef home delivery

S-curve workouts cost money?

To get the real deal formula for success. You really do need to hire a coach (Recommended approach in most endeavours).
Which is what a lot of people realise after going solo.
Like with new S-curve member Arlene. Who started after seeing this post….
First come, first serve (Free trial 121 coaching with Shaun Sinclair)
Especially busy people.
Like for me… When stayfitbug.com became ‘the business’ that I ran.
– I got a chef (Again… > This can be your chef… Which I use too… In a different country though).
– I got various experts within the business… And payed them to do what they’re good at.
Which is kinda what the > S-curve Partner Program (Business) touches on.
Some of the businesses you see there. Have been used by us. Some… For a decade or more!


I’m the creator of all that you see. So you get to work with me. At least for now.
As I might step out of the role in the future.
But at this moment in time. You get access to all of my knowledge and experience. Via 121 coaching chats.
It’s those chats that take your results over the edge.
It’s not just about results any more though. It’s about improving your education.
Random/public workout videos can’t do that for you.
There is no personal connection.


So… You’re not paying for S-curve workouts. You’re paying for access to information and personal connection. Where’ll you be consistently guided
S-curve workouts are just one element with a concrete formula (S-curve formula).

If you need to start….

1. Just send a DM to ask questions.
2. If you’re more serious… Hit this payment button to active 1 month of S-curve member activity.

The latest

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1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
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