Revisiting the 3 mandatory S-curve workouts for 2020

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I HAD to kick start today’s post with that message.
Well… The lady above is like the majority of people who become S-curve members…
By way of personal interests. She is not heavily into fitness related things. But wants to experience the benefits it brings.
And because she’s not heavily involved. She hasn’t yet caught on… That…
– Nutrition shenanigans is where the magic exists.
– A formula needs to be followed, in order to succeed with ease (Like with most things actually).
And so… Just like many outsiders. They think about the workout first, When they think about changing their body for the better.
They are of course, not entirely wrong for thinking so. But when it comes to workouts… They…
– Get you S-curvish
– Keep you S-curvish
– ‘Trigger’ the results in your body, that nutrition feeds
There are different workouts for different situations, results levels and people.
And that’s what we’re going to highlight today…

1. The S-curve Short Splits Routine

I’m starting with this one. As it’s a personal favorite. And I myself have being doing this one type of workout ‘ONLY’… For the past 3 years.
Here’s what mines looks like…
> Upper body
> 3 routines a week
> 15-25 minutes
– 2 x 40 reps total of standing dumbbell curls (Full range of motion/Super rep… Where we count down 5 secounds through each rep).
– 1 x 20 reps total – Standing over head single arm dumbbell tricep extensions
– 1 x 10 reps – Super rep laying barbell tricep extensions
– 1 x 10 reps of lateral raises
– Calf raises… 2 sets – 20 reps toes pointed straight/ 20 reps toes pointed outwards/20 reps toes pointed inwards
These routines are designed to maintain your results, once you reach > 60-100% S-curvish.
They’re short… So that you don’t have to spend a lot of time working out. So that you can start focusing on living a great life… Outside of physical activity.
As a new member. You’ll reach this level within 1-3-6 months. Depending on what level you’re at when you start.
The goal, is to get you to reach this point ‘fast’!

2. Tailored Daily Exercise (TDE) videos…

These S-curve workout videos are a strong part of the S-curve formula.
When it comes to workouts. It’s not about what you do. It’s all about ‘how you do’ with the ‘what you do’.
Meaning… We all know we need to workout. But to execute strategies that make sense for our goals and lifestyles.
TDE videos…
– They help boost results.
– They keep you on the wagon and motivated to actually workout.
– It’s what you do… When you have those days when it’s not possible to get a complete workout in.
These are…
– 5-10 minute workouts
– 3-4 exercises max
– 1 set each exercise
– All ‘effective’ exercises are chosen… Specifically for YOUR goals/body type/Issues (Which we find out after going through > these questions).
– Are to be/can be done ‘anywhere’
– Are to be done 4-5 times a week
Most S-curve members are excited when they start on day one. But by week 4, most quit without ongoing help. Which is why they became members. Because they know they’ll quit when left to do things on their own.
These workout videos is what they turn to, going long term. And they should. Because they’re so quick, easy and effective.
They stop you from feeling guilty, from having skipped workouts. Or having done none at all.

3. S-curve bodyweight circuits

Note: These videos were recorded in 2015. And we’ve become progressively better at creating better quality videos. Yet… The contain remains the same. Because the S-curve formula ‘works’.

It probably won’t change much either. You’ll learn why in > this post.

These are the routines that caused EVERYONE to shred into an S-curve physique.
Which is most people. As most people approach us, having built up unwanted levels of fat, over time.
And the results trigger VERY quickly. Just like Victorias…
Who shredded her unwanted fat in 7-14 days!
It has of course been repeated with multiple people. And the speed varies, based on certain attributes.
– How deeply they’re involved with 121 coaching chats (History has shown… The more involved, the faster the results).
– Current level of results.
– Injuries/Surgeries… If any.
These routines can help you grow into an S-curve physique too (No butt to more butt). Simply by adding resistance to certain exercises.
This is the protocol set of routines that will be used as an S-curve member. Along with…

4? S-curve weightlifting/gym workouts

Yes… These are still important. And it’s also where I always do my SSS routines from above.
We have several routine types that fall under this category. All of which, create a desired outcome.
They’re not as fun. But they don’t have to be done for long periods of time either.
These workouts typically happen at the start of the week, if you’re in a results phase time period (Which last 1-3 months at any given time).
At the start… Because that’s when you have the most energy and when motivation levels are high.
Workouts/videos aren’t the no.1 motivator in S-curve world in 2020. > Travel-curvish 2.0 and everything surrounding that… Is.
However… In 2020… We make EVERYTHING we do… More fun than the norm.
When it comes to gym workouts. We…
– Embrace fashion as a ‘thing’
> ‘Come up for air’ to workout
– Embrace outdoor gyms 

To conclude

Starting the > ‘Skin in the game’ program is how you get to Xperience all of the above. 
– 121 nutrition coaching chats dominate most of the activity.
– Mindset and lifestyle fixing is our main priority today… To coincide with our evolution into an S-curve Xperience (> A way of living).
– S-curve workouts will always have their place within the Xperience. But they are only a part of the S-curve formula as a whole.
All of the above is a reminder for everyone involved here. And a lesson for those looking to get involved.
If you find yourself sending us messages, like the one above. Then it’s all about shifting your mindset.
It’s the no.1 reason why you should even start working with us.
And the deeper involved you get. The more areas you open yourself up to, for mindset shifts to take place. Such as…
– Earning within S-curve world
– Embracing TC2.0 trips and ‘Come up for air’ moments
– Working wherever you want
All of which, I talk about in first hand detail. In > this post.

Fun fact

The Facebook/Instagram stories is where everyone lives these days. It’s the best way to ‘feel’ the S-curve Xperience.
And it’s the best way to remain involved. Even after you decide to become an official member.
So if you currently live in the stories. Don’t move from there.

The latest

What you wear @ gym gear… Once you reach 60-100% S-curvish
What you wear @ gym gear… Once you reach 60-100% S-curvish


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