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People of S-curve world…
March 2020 is probably one of the wildest months you’ve experienced in your life so far.
It’s the first time in my life… That I’ve seen a global quarantine put into motion.
Looking back… I guess we can say that the ‘buying of toilet’ paper frenzy, was fully justified.
Because the global lockdown seems to be growing in strength by the day.
Either way… It’s our job to help you.
I mean… We’ve always gone above and beyond to do that, within our world. And I personally make predictions a year in advance. To avoid being surprised when certain situations arise.
Like… I’ve personally been in ‘lock down’ mode since Christmas 2019.
Well… I actually do that every Christmas.
But more so in Christmas 2019, because…
– It’s when the Coronavirus first came to surface. And being in Asia… I started to see what was about to come, before it hit the rest of the world.
In short… I stopped  by daily networking shenanigans.
– At the time… To embrace the changing landscape of the ‘business’ markets. Especially online. As we’ve seen a lot more shifts in recent years, compared to 2010-2017.
That last point, is what started to drive more focus into the > S-curve Partner Program.
In January… It started to become a ‘thing’.
Because in essence… It’s an entity that boosts and saves businesses.
And here we are in March…
Seeing events that we didn’t ‘think’ could happen.
So now… The S-curve Partner Program has taken the top spot in our world. Which is where Travel-curvish 2.0 was, just a few months ago.
You can dig into the previous post to learn all about it.
The S-curve Partner Program Businesses/Individuals (Official post/Bookmark) 
Bookmark that page too. As new updates will continually be added there.


OUR help… 
There are several things to get involved in, within the S-curve Xperience.
All of it… Already existed to help improve your life in some way.
The stuff you see in…
– The S-curve Partner Program
– The S-curve Member Program
– The items lists
A lot of which… Became a ‘thing’… Because of the real life situations we have been in over the past 11 years.
We’re entering a new world.
Some things have changed. Some haven’t. But let’s walk you through some situations, where some of the products and services there, will help you.

The S-curve Partner Program

I met A LOT  of new people in 2019!
So much so… That I had to take a break from networking.
Almost everyone that I met, was well aware of the ever rising digital world that we are living in.
But for many of these people… They were comfortable in jobs, that didn’t require them to own anything in the digital world, in order to earn a living.
Which means…
It’s hard to stay hungry… When your belly is already full.
Most people aren’t hell bent on wanting to be rich. 
More so… To live comfortably.
People aren’t great at dealing with ‘change’ too well either.
But as of March 2020…
– Almost all offline jobs, exist no more.
– Everyone has been forced to change something about what they was doing in their life, just 3-4 weeks ago.
Manychat coronavirus
This has caused a lot of panic and mayhem.
And what I’m seeing right now… Is a lot of the people I met in 2019… STRONGLY eyeing up all that we do here on
Because they have indeed, become ‘hungry’.
Prevention is always better than detection.
Which is what has always been taught/embraced in the S-curve Member pProgram (SMP).
And so…
Right now… Those people are wishing they used their time with me, more wisely.
But it’s not too late. As the time is still there. Just… Online and not face to face.
Speed up the learning curve
These people want to get started in the arena of learning how to generate an income, whilst at staying at home (Where everyone is right now).
#stayathome S-curve workout moments @priscillatrindadeofficial
#stayathome S-curve workout moments @priscillatrindadeofficial
The problem… Is that more often than not… The ‘money’, doesn’t come fast.
You receive money… As an exchange for giving value to someone.
But the monetary transactions tend to happen, after some time of knowing someone.
Being active in the S-curve Partner Program will…
– Teach you how to get your website up and running. In away that will get it to start earning you money… Quicker.
– Allow you to get in front of the right people… Fast .
It’s a lot of ME…. Guiding you… To replicate what gets done on to earn money.
And when you read through the page that I said to bookmark above. You’ll see that a lot of it is about becoming a part of a family.
And using resources that’ we’ve already create.
Which = Speed
Who should message to get in?
– If you have a business/interest that adds value to the S-curve Xperience.
– If you was already following along as a fan… But now have an interest to earn an income, in similar ways that our S-curve Partner Program (Individuals) do.
That is how we can help you… If the current day Coronavirus pandemic has affected you.

The S-curve Member Program

Shaun Sinclair Facebook
Shaun Sinclair Facebook
I’ve already created a post for this…
 [#Socialdistancing] 4 reasons to ‘S-curve Member Program’ (SMP) in March 2020 (No.4 is the best)
To be honest… The pandemic hasn’t changed a thing about it.
It was already designed to work… Regardless of where you are in the world.
As usual…
– Your body
– Your mindset
– Your lifestyle
You’re likely stuck at home right now.
Starting the program will help you fix and re-create structure in those areas.
It always has done.
It’s the program that most people get into, before becoming an S-curve Partner Program (Individual).
Again… Just read this post…
 [#Socialdistancing] 4 reasons to ‘S-curve Member Program’ (SMP) in March 2020 (No.4 is the best)
That is how we can help you… If the current day Coronavirus pandemic has affected you.

The items lists

I’ve created a few of these over the past year on here.
But let’s dig into items that I know will help you out, as we navigate around a lifestyle that has you stuck at home.
Ankle weights
Resistance bands
Pull up bar
There are many items that you can add in this arena.
But right now… Those 4 are all you need, in order maintain any kind of ‘body’ that you have right now.
Your goal isn’t to become S-curvish/Shred-curvish.
Your goal is to stay functional and healthy.
That’s all the tools you’ll ‘need’ right now, to help ‘trigger’ that goal.
It’s all I used in 2009… When I had to ‘restart’ MY life, with THIS website.
And in 2011… When I created the first wave of S-curve ‘anywhere’ workout videos.

A bluetooth speaker like this…

The Solar Bluetooth Speaker by Elzle

The Solar Bluetooth Speaker by Elzle
The Solar Bluetooth Speaker by Elzle
I haven’t listed one like this before. And as usual… In our world, we don’t focus on specific brands.
We focus on ‘item types’.
Which means… We’ll always be on the lookout for a bluetooth speaker that will enhance your life in some why.
You can dig into the Amazon page above, to read all the benefits.
But from me to you… And using this, during this pandemic #stayathome situation?
– Enjoy ‘sound’, without using electricity (Save money)
– Charge your mobile devices… Without using electricity (Save money)
– Insane battery life!
Whey and Casein
These are the first two supplements that you see us focus on… Over on our official > nutrition shenanigans page.
All info… That has been built up over the past 11 years, from first hand experience, helping S-curve members win.
Seriously though…
If you’re stuck at home right now. Then you need to have these two supplements in your corner.
Here’s a picture that I took today of mine.
Whey protein and casein at home
Whey protein and casein at home
I didn’t use them a lot before. As I was outdoors a lot.
But I’m certainly using them now.
Using these two… Is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost the value of the natural A-C rated foods you’re eating.
A-C rated foods/meals @lexitamara
A-C rated foods/meals @lexitamara
Which of course… Will help with maintaining or even boosting your efforts… Which are being triggered in your S-curve home workouts (Read the descriptions under the videos you see above).
Right now… We’re in the process of adding a few food home delivery/subscription box services into the S-curve Partner Program (Business).
Which we was already doing… In order to help out our ‘busy’ followers. Who complained about not having enough time on their hands to get an S-curvish body and or live the lifestyle.
But now… More so for when crazy pandemic situations like the Coronavirus happen.
That is how we can help you… If the current day Coronavirus pandemic has affected you.

To conclude

All of the above products/services… Have been highlighted in away that will help you ‘today’ (Health/Wealth/Survival).
Especially if this Coronavirus pandemic has impacted you in a negative way.
And hopefully… It won’t be too long before the majority of folks can restart the fun that we was all having.
Especially in regards to embracing Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans throughout the S-curve Xperience.
What items/services are YOU using right now… Other than the above?
If something is helping you… Send a DM and talk about it.
Because as usual… The goal… Is for everyone to come together… Unite. And win together.
From my own FB stories…
Shaun Sinclair Facebook


1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress 

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

7. – Military Muscle

8. –  Binance

9. – Universal yums

10. – Curfew

11. – Dreamhost

12. – Post Affiliate Pro

13. – Ivacy

14. – Silver Fern Brand

15. – Top chef home delivery

16. – Manychat

1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.

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