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People of S-curve world…

It’s been a busy month of embracing new connections (> Partners too) and new questions, from 1000’s of new followers (See right side bar – Under ‘where we live’).

Questions like…
So today… We’re going to have a Q & A day.
Let’s get into it….
1.Quickly walk me through the tabs that I can see in the shop (After asking the question above)…
Become an S-curve member
This is an introduction to our main program. That fixes your body, mindset and lifestyle.
We started it in 2011. Evolving the program year after year.
Our latest iteration = Evolving the payment plan of the S-curve member program
How to feed an S-curve! (And whilst living S-curvishly)
This is the nutrition part of the main program above. However… The info on this page, is free for all to embrace.
FREE… Because it’s an introduction to the more serious/detailed things that go on, as a paying S-curve member.
Everything on this page is the process that we’ve tweaked and tested over the years. To help everyone achieve the results you’re seeing.
Our Partners
This is a new page… Highlighting the new businesses that we’re partnering with.
Some… Via the S-curve partner program.
Others… Are direct partnerships with established businesses
S-curve Experience (Items)
This is the page where you’ll find a lot the items that will help improve the quality of YOUR S-curve Xperience.
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Daily life shenanigans
We chose Amazon as a base for viewing. As it’s where you’ll find the most info.
But in more recent times. We’ve been partnering directly with the product owners.
Again… As a part of the S-curve partner program.
S-curve Xperience Merchandise
We current use 2 places to host our designs…
The S-curvish gamer girl
Back in 2018… We noticed that gaming was a strong ‘S-curve Xperience’ shenanigans amongst our people.
And so… We created a Facebook page, as the foundation of a test project.
2. Can I be featured?
YOU asking… Is also the first step of the S-curve partner program.
To be accepted. All you have to do is…
A) look 60-100% soft lean S-curvish…
Standing 'Soft lean' bikini-curvishly @megkylie
Standing ‘soft lean’ bikini-curvishly @megkylie
B) Currently living or want to live a variation of the lifestyle that is, the S-curve Xperience.
3. How do I become an S-curve member?
The complete explanation can be found in these posts…
Evolving the payment plan of the S-curve member program
THIS… Is HOW you start the year 2020 in S-curve world! 
4. We’re a business with a complimentary product/service. How do initiate a partnership?
A) Eye up > this page.
As you may end up there too.
B) We keep our partnership details private. So send an email to [email protected] for more info.
Also… Send us a message, right here via the chat box on this page.
Doing so… Will give you an insight to how we deliver the S-curve Xperience, to everyone who follows.
C) Read the posts that sit at the top of this page…
What we’re chatting about/getting up to inside the S-curve partner program (At present) 
Doing so… Will give you ideas on how you’ll benefit from our partnership. And vice versa.
To conclude
There’s a lot of chats floating around. So I won’t highlight them all. Just the important ones. Or questions that we receive more than once.
And right now… Is the perfect time to ask a question about something. If you have one.

The latest

Variations of what it looks like… When the people of S-curve world, embrace the products and services, offered by those who are present in our S-curve partner program…
'Air time' bikini-curvish moments @jessicarmond
‘Air time’ bikini-curvish moments @jessicarmond
– Just add > wine
– Just add > CBD/Vape stuff
Daily lifestyle and workout apparel in S-curve world - Born tough
Daily lifestyle and workout apparel in S-curve world
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