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It’s that time again.
Sometimes… The topics discussed in the daily chats automatically end up as full blown newsletters. Like on > Sunday.
But other times. Some topics on their own, aren’t large enough to talk about in an epic style newsletter… In the way that WE publish them, 3 times a week.
Yet… The topics are still somewhat important. And are likely to be issues that other people are facing.
So it’s important to publicly address them.
And so… That leads to Q & A newsletters, like today.
Let’s get into it….

I need money?!?!?

You know… Over the past few years. As people started to become a lot more ‘real’, with how they interact on the internet, in relation to offline life.
This was a question that kept on popping up from time to time.
That is…
How can I legitimately earn more money. Namely through stayfitbug.com?
Because you know…
– Travel-curvish 2.0
– Spending money on awesome things that exist in the > stayfitbug.com shop
The stayfitbug.com shop
The stayfitbug.com shop
Which improves the quality of YOUR S-curve Xperience
All costs money.
You don’t have to strive to be super rich. But life in general… Costs money. Especially once you start creating NEW life via sex.
And so… Over time. We created what is now… The S-curve partner program.
It’s been fully fleshed out. And now has an ‘official’ tag on it’s name.
The best way to answer that question. Is to send you to the 4-5 newsletters that explain all the elements of it…
What we’re chatting about/getting up to inside the S-curve partner program (At present)
Welcome to S-curve Xperience University

How do I ‘start’…?

It’s the first thing people message… After following us on any of the social media websites that we’re active on.
They’re messaging… Because they’re enjoying/have enjoyed the FREE S-curve Xperience (More on that later in this post).
Which is how it should be. Because it’s validation that they should absolutely spend more time within the S-curve Xperience.
Anyway… To answer that question….
What they’re usually asking… Is how to become an S-curve member. And what that actually looks like.
Because it makes sense for them to NEED to see what that looks like. Since the process itself is an experience. And not a physical or even digital product that you can ‘touch’.
First… This post explains…
Evolving the payment plan of the S-curve member program
But here’s the short answer…
1. Pay $30-$50 to kick start a 121 coaching plan.
2. This gives us 1-2 weeks to flesh out a plan for YOU.
3. At which point… We can determine what the following weeks or months should look like and cost.
4. We always aim for 7-28 day noticeable results.
5. Expect to be serious with a plan for 1-3 months MAX.
6. We’ll know how to move forward at that point. As you would 100% be on a winning path by then.
A winning ‘path’. Which means we know where we’re going. 
It doesn’t mean we will arrive at your ideal result by month 3.

I saw a recent newsletter talking about chocolates and wine. You have a video?

It was in this newsletter…
After previously highlighting one of our new S-curve partner program businesses, in this newsletter…
And I was talking about looking for a new partner, that sells chocolate infused with wine.
So if YOU know a company/brand that does… Let us know.
But… We do have a video of how we embrace wine on a TC2.0 trip.
Which is what goes on, once we reach at least > 60-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish results.
Good morning bikini-curvish selfie @megkylie
Good morning bikini-curvish selfie @megkylie
I’m still failing after following free advice… Why?
Because deep down… You don’t value ‘free’.
Sure… Some people take good free advice and succeed with it.
But those are the go-getters of the world.
That might not be you.
Or again… You might just be a person that values things you’ve paid for.
So… When you feel you want to succeed with something. Pay for it.
It’s what we call… Getting some ‘skin in the game’.
And in S-curve world… It just means going deeper and being more involved.
See these posts…
The ‘Xperience’ is free… Going deeper costs money…
THIS is why the S-curve Xperience is FREE…  
Also… Following random ‘free’ sh*t often spells disaster for many people.
Information is literally all over the place when you follow that routine. As NOTHING is specific to YOU.
So again… Pay for an actual plan. With someone, or a business that is willing to spend time creating one for YOU.
It’s how you WIN. Which is a MUCH better way than being cheap. Which is a topic I touched upon in the previous newsletter.

To conclude

Jumping in a 121 chat is THE best way to get ahead today.
We have a chat function on every page or platform we’re present on. Even on this page you’re on right now.
So jump in there. It’s how your problems get solved… Fast!

The latest

Gym life vs OOTD apparel shenanigans embraced via long time associate @dalmaviczai from Hungary.
Gym life vs OOTD apparel shenanigans embraced via long time associate @dalmaviczai - Born Tough
Gym life vs OOTD apparel shenanigans embraced via long time associate @dalmaviczai
And of course… We’re partnered up with our folks at Born Tough. Who provides that merch for the S-curve Xperience.
Remember… You have a couple of temporary discount codes to play with right now…
> CBD and > vaping shenanigans continue to be a popular ‘thing’ within the S-curve Xperience.
Bikini-curvish 'Air time' fun @vicky__way
Bikini-curvish ‘Air time’ fun @vicky__way
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