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Hello Fitbuggers

It’s not to long to go now until, we kick off the Fit Bug pull ups guide. And for those of you who want to be notified first, be sure to sign up here

===> http://stayfitbug.com/Fit-Bug-Pull-Ups-Guide

There will be a variety things happening, as you see shortly. But today, here are just a few starting tips/pointers that will be covered before we get into the ‘real deal’ stuff.

EVERYONE sucks at pull ups

It is true! Yes, some people more than others. But in general… the masses suck at doing pull ups. Which in itself sucks, because the pull up exercise is the move that will build you that lovely V shaped back, giving your body an appearance of a larger frame. The main reason people suck is because they quit at the first hurdle. You know, they’ll do 3 sets… 10 reps, 8 reps, 6 reps. But when it comes to progressing, they hit a plateau and can’t seem to surpass those rep numbers at their ‘desired’ pace. So they quit. And this is the problem we will solve in the coming weeks. But first, a few tips to those who can’t perform one bodyweight pull up.

#1 The test

Find a pull up bar and see how many pull ups you can do. Can’t do more than 5? Do #2

#2 Do push ups

Push ups are like a reverse incline pull up, but with gravity being more on your side. See how many push ups you can do in one set. If you can do more than 10, you’ll be on your way to more pull ups further into the guide. If you can’t, then do push ups on your knees to begin with.

#3 Incline pull ups

These can be performed by lowering the bar on the rack that you would perform machine squats on. Just lower the bar all the way to the bottom until you’re near the floor. Get under the bar and start pulling your self up with your legs stretched under the bar. To increase the difficulty, just move your feet further down the bar, with your back down. You can also lift one leg off of the floor, maintain the hold and bring the bar close or further away.

#4 Reverse your grip

Also know as chin ups. This is actual one of the key elements to the guide. And you will see why soon.

Again, this is just the early bird stuff that will be covered. And we’ll cover this again in more depth on video. And again, be sure to sign up

Here ===> http://stayfitbug.com/Fit-Bug-Pull-Ups-Guide

As these events will be happening pretty soon. Let the Fit Bug fun begin 🙂

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