Part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience (An EPIC explanation)

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Once again… The item list update page got some > new additions. Each item that’s added, is turning out to be an ‘epic’ add at present.
So dig in… As these items enhance YOUR S-curve Xperience.
The latest favorite…
Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds


The > most recent newsletter dug into all the main areas of the S-curve Xperience. Along with what’s hot in each one.
With this same newsletter looking like a ‘hit’. Which is our goal… To make each one that goes out… EPIC!
And the area that will matter to you… Most of the time. Is part 3 of 4 of the Xperience @ improved daily lifestyle.
And the area that will affect you the most. Is YOU… Being comfortable in your own skin @ whatever you’re wearing.
Let’s go backwards a little. In regards to the people I end up meeting on a daily basis.
These people end up in the S-curve Xperience. Because I myself am meeting them. As I’m living it.
– I work from anywhere
– Often times, within the city
– Often times, in areas where office or retail folks work
These tend to be the people that struggle with managing their time and mind space.
And because of it. End up not achieving the body or lifestyle they desire.
It’s adult life. And for many. Folks are constantly putting out fires.
– Family issues
– Work issues
– Relationship issues
These issues tend to disappear, once you change your network, environment and level of education.
And that’s where I… And the S-curve Xperience comes in.
Most changes take time. How much time, depends on each individuals current day circumstances.
That’s the 1st thing that I get into these folks heads.
Because they see my lifestyle. They see how relaxed I am. They can feel my positive energy levels.
Some currently lack this and crave it. But it’s all about taking gradual steps towards achieving it.
That’s how the S-curve formula has been built.
It’s a formula that fixes your body, followed by mindset… Followed by lifestyle… And more recently… Followed by finances.
Let’s dig into each one.

Your body

Making changes to your body. Doesn’t actually start by physically working on your body.
It starts, by restructuring the things that you currently do in your day-to-day life.
– You already work
– You already eat (Of course you do… Otherwise you’d be dead)
– You might already workout
In fact, everyone who ever became an official S-curve member did all of those.
They was of course, doing ‘something’ wrong, in one, if not all of those areas.
So before we get into any workout or nutrition shenanigans. We look at what you’re currently doing. And change things, that we KNOW will improve YOU.
Workouts… For example
– You might be doing half hearted reps, sets = We push you to go whole hearted and consistently.
– You might be doing weak exercises that don’t trigger results = We show you what’s always effective.
– You might be doing the wrong type of workout for your body or lifestyle. Like wanting an S-curvish butt. Yet… You’re doing endless slow-go cardio sessions. Which of course… Causes shrunk butt = We fix that.
Nutrition… For example
This one is the same, almost every time.
People are simply eating the wrong foods and at wrong times.
You CAN eat the wrong foods (D-F rated – A = Apple/F = Apple pie with cream), at the right time.
But people aren’t doing that. Usually due to a lack of knowledge (Or incorrect). Or because of being in the wrong environment.
> This post will show you the protocol foundation for how you should be eating aka eating S-curvishly.
Once we’ve covered this. We get to work.
The above… Is the foundation of creating fast ‘noticeable’ results. If it didn’t happen fast before. It’s because there was no solid foundation of processes that have been proven to work.
And then… The 7-14 day results kick in. Which looks like…..
S-curve member Victoria 7-14 day shred-curvish results
S-curve member Victoria 7-14 day shred-curvish results

You mindset

It will take 4-6 weeks until your mindset is truly turned around.
The good thing here though. Is that what you learn during this time period, sticks with you for the rest of your life.
It’s at this point, when your mind is open to make other changes in your life. Because you’ve just experienced the positive outcomes of making changes in your life, in regards to your body. 
Which usually looks something like…
– Bringing friends and family closer together
– Eliminating people… Especially the ones who consistently trashed the things you was doing in your life
And things only get better from this point onwards.

Improved lifestyle

This starts with your work life.
So far… You’ve experienced ‘noticeabl’e results. By simply changing things around that you was already doing in your day-to-day life.
It’s just a start. But you lit the fire. And now… The most important changes of all can happen.
Making every day of your life look great. And it’s all about you, feeling and looking great, in everything you wear. As that kills the morning (Or mirror encounter) hissy fit.
– No more wearing the color black to hide fat
– No more weird poses when taking photos to hide body parts
This is THE most important fix that we make, when you enter S-curve world. Because this is where most of your time is spent.
Which brings me to…

Fixing finances

So… There has been a growing number of folks in S-curve world. Who currently work at jobs. But have started their own businesses.
When I speak to them. The ‘why’ is always the same.
– More time
– More freedom
– More meaningful work (To them)
It’s early days for these people. But they are quickly realising how much work is required, to get things rocking and rolling.
And so… The S-curve member partner program to the rescue.
Today… It’s mostly about getting fans of S-curve world… To start living the S-curve Xperience. Which usually means, a boost in finances to do that.
With the partner program… There’s 3 ways in which it can help in that department.
– Become an affiliate for the main S-curve program
– Get promoted to our platforms (With your ready-profiles) for free
> Buzzcoin
The following two posts go into detail on how this works:
> Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience (Elements)
> Digging even deeper (S-curve member partner program) 
Most of my time this year, has been working with people in these departments. Which in itself, takes time.
But once the ball starts rolling. It’s on!

To conclude

All of the above, is a process. And it will continue on into the future. As we improve upon what is now, The S-curve platform.
With the goal of becoming one big connected family, bigger than what it already is.
So whatever stage you’re at right now. Message. Because we’ll help you move to the next. Quickly!

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