Own Your Sh*t! (Part 2)

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People of S-curve world…

We’re now living in an era where…
1. Everyone is on the internet… (Thanks COVID-19).
2. More and more ‘niche platforms’ are on the rise (Think Tiktok, Onlyfans, Twitch).
Being on niche platforms is great. And within the S-curve Partner Program (Individual). You’ll be posted on our profiles in those places.
In regards to the above… We ourselves are consistently growing into a niche platform (S-curve Xperience).
– S-curvish ladies (Guys too… But we’re known for S-curvish ladies).
– People living variations of the S-curve Xperience lifestyle.
If that is you… It’s important that you do join our world. Because of what was said in this post…
People usually overlook what is said in that post. Because…
1. It’s not sexy to analyse data.
2. ‘Vanity’ metrics are more fun… And people are addicted to getting their ego stroked.
3. ‘Bigger’ is mostly perceived as better (Not always true of course).
But another reason why it’s important to be a part of a niche platform. Or a partner in one… Where money is earned and gets shared.
Is because of situations like this…
Action blocked instagram
That’s less likely to happen, when you’re a partner. And/or a part of a niche platform. That’s targeted specifically to suit your needs (Think ‘Youtubers’).
It’s the same reason why messaging apps are favored over public social media posts.
Like on Facebook for example…
Not all 5000 people that you’re connected with… Need to be involved in the conversation, with the things that you post publicly.
Even with us… We prefer to live inside > groups and > messaging apps.
Before that… It was in emails (We still do… Just with other businesses).
All of the above… Is why we continue to ramp up everything within the SPP.
Especially as the internet will likely boom even more, now that everyone has a presence online.
Which means… It’s more important than ever, for you to continue to add yourself to relevant platforms.

On our S-curve Xperience platform…

– Individuals continue to be featured. Because they know that their income and accounts will consistently grow.
– Existing businesses do… Because of what was highlighted in this post…
Your followers and website hits don’t mean SH*T… But this DOES!
They’ve been around. So they know it’s the truth.
So as usual… We’ll continue to make the SPP a super valuable platform for all involved.
We might even convert this > SPP page, into an app/tool. That you can access on the move.
– Businesses list
– Individuals list
– Tips
So let’s see what happens.

What we’re looking at next…

– Niche businesses from around the world.
Because we’re seeing that there is sometimes a culture clash with our followers from other countries.
They want to communicate in their native language.
Yes… Our websites translate into other languages.
But when it comes to our people buying things… 
With a hardcore non-english speaking person… Can sometimes be an issue.
Yet… We have SPP individuals from certain countries, who are well travelled and speak english and natively.
And so… Our goal is the add their business into the > SPP business section. So that our non-english followers can remain happy in our world.
Many of these followers are in Brazil. Or even Spain. So it’s Brazilian based businesses that we want to add to the current SPP business page.


Yup… We already have 1 main one listed (Born Tough). And this post will tell you why they got added…
I have a secret to tell…
And had another potential one from earlier in the year.
But as you can see from our posts…
Because S-curve workout fashion is a 'thing' @fernandaa_pedrosa
Because S-curve workout fashion is a ‘thing’ @fernandaa_pedrosa
A lot of it is centered around fashion.
And some of those SPP individuals, own the businesses that stock the garments being warn.
It fulfils all things related to part 2 of the S-curve Xperience.
Niche garments that truly compliment your S-curvish body and lifestyle.
So that when messages like this come in…
@priscillatrindadeofficial @labellamafia
We can instantly direct you on where to buy. Which will be on this > partner page.

To conclude

Our no.1 goal… Is for everyone involved to start noticing the benefits from being involved.
– More loyal followers
– More sales
– More brand awareness
Because then… Everyone wins.
Emotions are flying high right now… As we live through this pandemic moment in time, with COVID-19.
So make sure you send DM’s to us.
It’s where we live… More than any other place.

The latest


##stayathomechallenge ##feed the ##monster @deboramirtes ##tiktokbrazil ##dancingchallenge ##tiktokfood

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1. – CV Sciences, Inc.

2. – Cupshe

3. – Born Tough

4. – Bear Mattress 

5. – Cellars Wine Club

6. – VaporFi

7. – Military Muscle

8. –  Binance

9. – Universal yums

10. – Curfew

11. – Dreamhost

12. – Post Affiliate Pro

13. – Ivacy

14. – Silver Fern Brand

15. – Top chef home delivery

16. – Manychat

1. Check them all out.
2. If you like stuff you see… Buy the stuff you see.
3. If you buy the stuff you see… Use that stuff to make your life more awesome within the S-curve Xperience.
Just email us via [email protected] if you think you/your business will be a right fit in S-curve world!
Remember… > This post (amongst others) encourages you to jump into the S-curve Partner Program.
But for some… Advertising on this website might be a better alternative option. So email about that too.

Copy the code below to your web site.


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