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OK… So you’ve gone to the gym for the first time, you’ve pumped some weights, you get home, sleep, wake up and feel the pain and soreness that everyone speaks of.

Now… I know you feel tense all over, and this may give you the feeling that you are growing, because of the pain you feel. Just do one favour for me…

Eliminate those thoughts and change your mindset now!

Because this is in fact the time when your muscles are shrinking.

You will need to change your mindset here and understand that ‘this’ pain is just the beginning and that this is the time to start feeding your muscles.

Your workout days need to be structured like this…

Early morning

  1. Meal #1 (Breakfast) (Protein meal drink, not a full meal)
  3. Meal #2 (Post-workout shake right after your workout) CORE MEAL
  4. Meal #3 (12:30) (Post Workout Meal) CORE MEAL
  5. Meal 4 (15:30)
  6. Meal 5 (18:00)
  7. Meal 6 (21:00)


  1. Meal #1 (Breakfast) CORE MEAL
  3. Meal #2 (Post-workout shake right after your workout) CORE MEAL
  4. Meal #3 (12:30) (Post workout meal) CORE MEAL
  5. Meal #4 (15:30)
  6. Meal #5 (18:00)
  7. Meal #6 (21:00)

Early evening

  1. Meal #1 (Breakfast) CORE MEAL
  2. Meal #2 (10:00)
  3. Meal #3 (12:30)
  4. Meal #4 (15:30)
  6. Meal #5 (Post-workout shake right after your workout) CORE MEAL
  7. Meal #6 (21:00) (Post Workout Meal) CORE MEAL

After every workout, your post workout shake or snack should include the following…

Peanut butter and jam/jelly sandwiches (Restores calories lost from your workout)

Whey protein (Fast digesting protein)

Glutamine (Amino acids – Helps with muscle recovery and helps kill muscle fatigue)

If you are new to this bodybuilding game or if you are currently struggling to build muscle, then give these posts a read..

If you don’t fix your mindset and choose NOT to follow the above, then prepare to SHRINK! Because that is what will happen.

Crossing the Chasm

Your mindset is now fixed. Where do we go from here?

Ok… after your workout, you will feel pain and soreness, but what you must now do is rest for 24-36 hours (48 hours in some cases). But no more!

Then you hit the weights again and switch up the routine.

  • Cardio day
  • Work different muscle groups
  • Change up the exercises

You can use the 3 day split routine from the post below to begin with.

3 Day Split Weightlifting Routine

The Pain Fades

It will feel like a real challenge the first few times you lift weights while your muscles feel tense. However, the challenge will begin to fade by the time you reach work no.5-6, because like magic, the pain will fade.

Well… not entirely. The pain will always be there, however…

The pain will change from bad pain to good pain.

Good pain is what you get after a good workout, because it let’s you know that you are still getting your muscles to talk back to you. Also known as shocking your muscles, which motivated me to create the Shockbody Exercise series:

Shocking your muscles is of course required if your goal is to take your body to the next level (Which is most of us), whether it be for lean muscle mass building or building for bulk. Which leads me to my next point…

Tweak and Repeat

Now that you have your

1. Mindset right

2. Your (On going) workout technique right

I’ll now introduce you to the concept of tweak and repeat, which I first introduced back in May this year.

The idea of tweak and repeat is based on analyzing and tweaking your results over a period of time to help you on your quest to build the body of your dreams. However, many of the concepts surrounding tweak and repeat require a lot of explanation, which not even the mother post can detail. But not to worry, the upcoming Stay-fit Bug program will reveal all.

The main thing you need to understand about tweaking and repeating is that everything you change along the way is in aid of living a fun and enjoyable bodybuilding life for the long term. Because this is life ans s**t will happen, so it’s all about knowing how to deal with it when it strikes and how to ensure that none of it disrupts your bodybuilding goals.

In short…

Find something that works and then keep on repeating it and tweak along the way.

Give the post a read, and if you want a more detailed version, just stay tuned. Announcements are a common thing around the Stay-fit Bug universe.

Find Hardgainer Bodybuilding Success with: Tweak and Repeat

To conclude

This post is directed at newbies, but it is also a reminder to those who are just getting back into the grove of things, possibly after a long hiatus. Just don’t make the mistake of sitting on that newbie weightlifting pain during those first few workouts. Keep it moving and ante up. Before you know it you’ll be in the zone. Once that happens, no one or no thing can get in your way.

See you in the comments.

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