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I first heard about TestoFuel when a buddy recommended it to me. I haven’t taken many testosterone boosters in the past but he had tried it and liked it so I decided to look in to it properly and try it for myself.

Testo Fuel is a strong muscle building supplement, it comes in a capsule form and is designed to increase your testosterone levels which in turn increases strength, muscle size and helps with recovery time.

It’s one of the few muscle supplements on the market that has a number of concrete studies behind the ingredients.

Let’s take a real close look at the ingredients:

D-Aspartic Acid

A strong amino acid that plays a vital role in the production of tissue growth and libido. D-Aspartic acid increases the production of signal molecules which then enhance the activity in your pituitary gland. From someone trying to build muscle, this allows your body to produce the compounds it needs to increase strength, lean muscle and power.

A study in 2009 on a group of males aged 27 – 37 were given D-Aspartic Acid daily for 12 days. Their testosterone levels increased by 33%.


Vitamin D

Nicknamed the sunshine vitamin, vitamind D has been in the news recently and many health and nutrition experts are talking about. As side from the many health benefits and prevention of various diseases, higher vitamin D levels have strong links to higher testosterone levels and athletic performance.

A recent study gave young men large doses of vitamin D for a year and their testosterone levels went up 15 – 20%. It’s not just a vitamin, its a hormone that will effect your blood levels. Unless you live in a very sunny part of the world and regularly get sun exposure to your skin without sunscreen on then you probably deficient.


ZMA formula – Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6

If you’ve been taking supplements for a while then you will likely have come across the ZMA formula, its widely taken by bodybuilders and athletes.

Zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 are important for healthy testosterone levels. While they don’t actually boost your testosterone levels, if you’re deficient in any of these nutrients then you won’t be keep your levels high.

Oyster extract

Oysters are well known to be the number one testosterone and libido boosting foods, they’re high in zinc and contain 26 different amino acids. TestoFuel is the only testosterone booster I’ve seen that contains this.

TestoFuel also contains small amounts of Fenugreek and Ginseng, both of these plant extracts have been used in testosterone boosters and have some promising studies behind them.

Click here for the full ingredients list and details

My results with TestoFuel

After reading the studies behind the ingredients and the reviews about Testo Fuel I decided to buy 2 boxes (2 month supply) and really try it out. I’ve been working out a long time, I know that it takes time to raise your testosterone levels and build muscle.

The capsules are easy to take, you just take 1 with each meal, every day, there isn’t any need to cycle this supplement, their website and the box says to take it every day for best results.

I’m about 6 weeks in now and I feel great, it took about 3 – 4 weeks before I started to feel the full benefits. In the last 2 weeks my strength has shot up and my muscles look fuller and think. I can’t be totally sure that it’s all Testo Fuel but I can feel the affects.

It’s not like a hyped feeling that you get from stimulants like pre-workout supplements or fat burners, its more like an increase in your daily energy levels and strength, I feel younger. I also noticed myself recovering from workouts quicker.

TestoFuel summary

Going in to this I wasn’t really sure what to expect, in the past I’ve usually stuck to taking the same supplements. I’m glad that I tried this and I wish that I had ordered their 4 box deal with the free t-shirt. I’ll order some more in a few months.

I give it an 8 out of 10. I’d say that it’s absolutely worth it if you are looking for that extra boost or are struggling with your muscle gains, it will give you that edge that you need.

You can read more about it on their website www.TestoFuel.com and also order from there for the best price and deals.


Check the full page above

Check the full page above

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Because… Attire to compliment your new S-curvish body

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  1. Isaac Haynes says:

    Loved your results! Do you recommend Crazy Bulk testo max for boosting testosterone levels?


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